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Found 3 results

  1. Deep below the depths of Ragol, Seething in the darkness, Piercing cries of anguish can be heard. An ancient curse is reawoken; Thought to be eradicated by the Hunters, The plague was actually merely contained, And now threatens to contaminate the surface once more. Its host creature has mutated, Becoming twisted and ferocious, Easily vanquishing many unsuspecting hunters. The survivors flee in a mad scramble back to the surface, Gibbering madly about the return of the Cursed Belras. The Monster Cursed Indi Belra It has been sighted on ruins on ep
  2. Halloween Event - 2013 Story A crazy curse has fallen upon Ragol and spread out to the ships of Ultima. Most monsters were able to withstand the fancy plague but one creature had a strange mutation... One specie has developed some serious reaction, causing it to mutate in a ferocious, fierce monster. Enraged and powerful, they slaughter any player that comes near them and crushes even the most experienced players in a wimp. To the brave ones amongst you, who are willing to risk their lives to combat this enormous threat, a great reward is available. That's right, along with thos
  3. A third event of Halloween has come to Ultima. one more year trying to give a fun game, this year we are going to change a bit the things. the drops for the Jack O' Lantern wont be 1/1 , it will be different for each difficulty, it wont be a impossible drop, we are still working on the value we will update the topic with each value for each difficulty, we decided this change for the high appereace of the Rare monsters in the server. Ok seams like we have a new non desire guess in pioneer2 Michael Myers with the help of chuky has posses the bodys of a rappy he call him self.
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