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  1. UPDATED 3-11-2014 Hello I am new here, and i'm starting a constantly updating (hopefully) shop. I will be selling things that i can not use myself or have a high value. I am not experienced in PSO so i may need help to determine prices for some of the stuff. I may take a few hours to get back to you on an offer if i don't know the value. I accept Trades and i'm always looking to buy cool items. Anyone who can do price checks on my stuff it would be really appreciated, since i like to give fair prices. I know my stuff isn't currently the best, but over time my shop will grow and become maybe one of the best. Format of the shop: This shop will be formatted this way name of the item: percentages (Native, A.Beast, Machine, Dark, Hit): price All prices are open for negotiation. Best Items! Kroe's Sweater Sange&Yasha:0,30,0,0,35 Weapons: If a weapon has "many in stock," is currently discounted price. Striking Master's Claymore: 45,0,0,0,45 Frost Claymore: 0,50,0,0,50 Daylight Scar 25,0,0,30,0 Shock Gladius 25,0,0,0,50 Frost Claymore 0,50,0,0,50 Charge Berdys 0,0,0,5,45 Kaladbolg:25,25,0.0.0 Durandal:0,0,15,20,0 Flowen's Sword: many in stock Last Survivor: many in stock Vjaya:0,25,0,0,0 Gae Bolg: many in stock Diska of Liberator: many in stock Diska of Braveman: many in stock Silence Claw: many in stock Double Saber: 0,0,35,0,0 Angry Fist: many in stock Agito: many in stock Sting Tip: 0,0,0,5,0 Elysion: many in stock Madam's Parasol: 0,0,0,0,0 Flight Cutter: many in stock Yamato: 0,5,20,0,0 Sange: 0,20,0,0,0 Db's Saber: many in stock Demolition Comet: 0,30,0,20,0 Vivienne: many in stock Flapjack Flapper: 30,0,0,0,0 Windmill: many in stock Cross Scar: many in stock Tempest Gungnir: 0,50,50,0,30 Chaos Gungir: 50,50,0,0,30 Chaos Diska: 0,0,50,50,30 Slicer of Assassin: 15,0,0,0,25 Sonic Knuckle: 0,0,25,0,0 Toy Hammer: 0,0,20,0,0 Crazy Tune: 25,0,0,20,0 Red Dagger: 0,30,0,25,0 Dragon's Claw: 0,0,0,0,0 Synthesizer: 0,0,15,0,0 Blade Dance: 0,25,25,0,0 Gae Bolg: many in stock Victor Axe: 0,0,0,10,0 Elysion: 0,10,5,0,20 DB's Saber: 0,35,35,0,0 Demo Comet: 0,35,0,45,0 Tyrell's Parasol: 20,0,0,0,0 Flamberge: 0,0,40,0,0 (hopes to one day be a gun) Soul eater: 0,0,40,0,20 Guns: L&K14 combat: 0,35,0,40,50 Red Handgun: 25,25,0,0,0 Charge Launcher 0,0,0,20,50 Fire Beam:0,0,0,35,50 Yasminkov 7000v 0,0,0,0,0 Hell Raygun 0,0,0,15,30 Hold Raygun 0,0,5,0,50 Hold Beam 0,35,0,0,50 Charge Gatling 5,0,0,0,50 Charge Raygun: 0,0,0,5,50 Varista: 0,0,20,0 Berserk laser:35,30,30,0,0 Charge Laser: 5,0,0,0,45 Wals-MK2: 15,0,15,0,0 Justy-23st: many in stock H&S25 Justice: many in stock L&K14 Combat: many in stock Crush Bullet: many in stock Meteor Smash: 0,0,20,0,0 Final Impact: 35,0,0,0,0 Inferno Bazooka: 0,0,0,20,0 Flame Visit: 0,0,0,0,0 Frozen Shooter: many in stock Yasminikov 3000R: 0,40,0,0,0 Guilty Light: many in stock Red Scorpio: 0,30,0,0,0 Angel Harp: 0,0,0,0,0 Ruby Bullet: 0,45,40,0,35 Drain Launcher: 0,0,5,0,50 Hell Arms: 0,50,50,0,30 Charge Railgun: 0,0,0,5,50 Shadow Beam: 0,0,0,50,50 Charge Launcher: 0,0,0,20,50 Ohpelie Seize: 0,0,40,0,0 arrest vulcan: 0,50,0,50,30 burning vulcan: 50,0,50,0,30 hold Gatling 50 hit fire gatling 50 hit Mind Launcher 50 hit Baranz Launcher 40 hit charge ano bazooka 50 hit ruby bullet 0,45,40,0,35 Bringer's Rifle: 50 hit Hell Raygun: 0,0,0,15,30 Tech/Card: Club of laconium 30,0,0,0,0 Fire Scepter: Agni: 0,0,20,0,0 Storm WandL Indra: 0,20,0,0,0 Earth Wand Brownie: 0,0,15,0,15 Caduceus: many in stock Rabbit Wand: 0,40,0,0,0 Branch of PakuPaku: many in stock Heart of Poumn: 0,15,0,0,0 Talis: 0,25,0,0,40 Mahu: many in stock Summit Moon: 50 hit lol Armor: my armor will be formatted like this; name. slots if you would like to check stats just ask 4 slot armor: many in stock : 1 pd each Aura Field: many in stock Select Cloak: many in stock Lieutenant Gear: 1 slot red odoshi Black Hound Cuirass Red Odoshi Domaru Sacred Cloth Aura Field Tempest Cloak Guard Wave Flowen's Frame Red Coat Lieutenant Gear Shields: Light Relief Regenerate Gear Custom barrier ver 00 Secure Feet Purple Ring Tripolic Reflector Units: Hero/ability God/Mind God/HP God/Body HP/Revival Devil/Battle Cure/Slow Cure/Confuse Cure/Shock Heavenly/Power Heavenly/HP Heavenly/Legs Heavenly/Arms Divine Protection Noob/HP Centurion/Ability Misc: Game Magazine: (rare collector's item) Hiledeblue's Head delsaber's right arm hildebear's head magic rock "moola" Add slots: 4:1 Spells: more will come soon Level 15 = 2 for 1 pd Current Stock: Gibarta Barta Gifoie Razonde Rabarta Level 20= 1 for 1 pd Current Stock: Resta Razonde level 29=2pd Gifoie Zonde level 28=1pd barta resta Mags: Prices are steep but the work is hard 5/150/45/0 Sato- 20 pd 25/150/25 Tellusis - 20 pd Custom mags - 30 pds Mag Cells for sale: Dreamcast Sega Saturn Genesis Master System Mark3 Rappy's Wing
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