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Found 2 results

  1. Event: Ultima Christmas wishes! From this thread - http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/21178-event-ultima-christmas-wishes-prize-dts/ - the raffle will be held in a few hours. I still need to meet in game the following participants: -KIluminate -Rhykef85 -Angeldust -busy -PBSafran -Simon Vigneau -Armando -busy -Westnip -Biza -gmstone -new -busy For the one's that have orange/red name in the thread, if you want increase your wishlist and I might want to meet you in game too for some surprises. (ignore the pink name lol) too late to change now D: GIVEAWAY While working to fill up some wishes on this event I found a few items that might interest other players, I'll be giving 1-2 by request on this topic or via pm to each player that asks for them. Happy holidays Items Available: BRAVACE +1 (0/0/0/30|40) PHOENIX CLAW (0/0/0/0|0) TOY HAMMER (0/15/0/30|0) LAST SWAN (0/0/0/0|0) LAST SWAN (0/0/0/0|0) LAST SWAN (0/0/0/0|0) OPHELIE SEIZE (0/0/0/0|40) -for neogenesis KUSANAGI (0/0/0/0|0) YUNCHANG (0/0/0/0|0) GUREN (0/40/0/0|35) - for Jaz0 CLIO (0/0/0/45|0) DECALOG (0/0/0/0|0) DECALOG (0/0/0/0|0) Charge Railgun +3 (0/0/0/5|50) CLUB OF LACONIUM (30/35/0/0|25) MACE OF ADAMAN (0/30/15/40|0) ALIVE AQHU (0/0/30/0|25) ANGRY FIST (25/0/0/0|35) ANGRY FIST (30/0/0/0|20) SONIC KNUCKLE (0/0/25/20|20) VICTOR AXE (0/0/15/0|20) METEOR CUDGEL (0/0/45/0|0) TWIN CHAKRAM (10/25/0/0|0) DEMOLITION COMET (40/45/0/0|20) Arrest Laser (50/0/50/0|50) - for Judgement Charge Arms +5 (40/35/0/0|35) STINK FRAME SMOKING PLATE STAR CUIRASS BLUE ODOSHI VIOLET NIMAIDOU BLACK HOUND CUIRASS TEMPEST CLOAK CURSED CLOAK COMMANDER UNIFORM CRIMSON COAT SENSE PLATE DB'S SHIELD KASAMI BRACER -neogenesis KASAMI BRACER STRIKER PLUS REGENERATE GEAR B.P REGENERATE GEAR B.P YATA MIRROR STINK SHIELD YASAKANI MAGATAMA Centurion/Ability Centurion/Ability Heavenly/Ability Heavenly/mind DIVINE PROTECTION DIVINE PROTECTION Perfect/Resist V801 - for Berry v801 v801 luck material x1 Amplifier of Blue x1 - for berry Heaven Striker Coat x1 MAGIC STONE IRITISTA x1 Parts Of RoboChao x1 Parts Of RoboChao x1 Heart Of Opa Opa x1 Heart Of Pian x1 Heart Of Chao x1 - for Akebuu Monogrinders x50
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