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  1. SURPRISE ATTACK!!! PART ONE! It's simple: Every now and then I will give away some free items! Story behind that idea: I prepared a mag for a Liberta Kit. Cy texted me on Skype if i got a Liberta Kit for sale and i told her, if she comes into my room within next 3 minutes (before i can use the cell), she gets the cell for free. And thats the main idea. If u can keep me from using items u can get those for free! Motivation: Lately i saw alot of forums post where people wanted stuff, but couldn't achieve that certain item, especially "Liberta Kits". So i planned to give away some "usefull" items, not too rare, but still not too easy to get (because of the required difficulty - or maybe because stupid Black Paper just doesn't want to drop the damn item u want!!! - and since photon crystals might take long to collect without green font) Since I saw lots of people just hanging around in LOBBY 1, i guess it's a perfect occasion to get some nice stuff, if people struggle with getting certain items, or if you are to lazy. Participation: Reading this will be enough. Everybody is allowed to participate. Whenever u see a GM-banner (hope GM will help me with this) which says "SURPRISE ATTACK", join as quick as u can the room I am in (within 3 minutes). Only the first one to join will get that item from me. Of course i wont name the room "XO" or "surprise attack" or anything like that, because people only would wait for the banner to appear. The room will have a random name like "level up" or anything like that. I put a pass for that room to avoid that people who actually dont even know about this mini event might join the room. IGN will be "xo". The pass will be "HIT ME" ( exactly like this ..big font..one time space between HIT and ME - without those " " of course) Fairness: To be fair, SURPRISE ATTACK wont appear during HH. Maybe during green font or any other BIG event. But only IF a lot of people will be sitting in lobbys. It will only appear if at least 30-40 people are online. Of course i will announce the achievable item on forums. ..just to have some action while white font is on! Remember that it's all about fun. So have fun guys. And let the "SURPRISE ATTACK" SMACK U!!!! PRIZE of Part ONE: LIBERTA KIT
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