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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I'm kinda new here, I have been leveling up a few characters in my spare time, and as such I have been swapping my higher-level mags between the characters as I level. Tonight, on Sept 5th, 2015 at around 8:40pm (Pacific time) I just took on an episode 4 quest, switched to common bank and tried to withdraw my mags. they left the bank, but never landed in my inventory. I tested the disappearance glitch to verify it with a Brionac partisan and it diappeared as well (but I'm not overly attached to it) The Mags however... I'll be so sad if I lose them, because.. those took time to figure out and level up ; ; Ill try to recreate their stats as best I can from memory, The first one was a lv 200 Gray Savitri Defense 15 Power 135 Dexterity 50 Mind 0 Synch 120% IQ 200 middle blast: Estlla (ranger dolphin) Right blast: Pilla Left blast: Milla/Youlla Second was a lvl 200 Hamburger mag, idr the original mag color (wish I hadnt used that mag cell though ; ; ) Defense 15(?) Power 15(?) Dexterity 80 (definitely) Mind 90 (definitely) Synch 20%-ish IQ 200 Middle blast: Estlla (ranger dolphin) Right Blast: Pilla Left: Milla/Youlla Thrid Mag I am actively Raising lvl 71 Asparas, I think black color Defense 10 Power 24 Dexterity 17 Mind 20 Synch (?), probably 0 IQ (?) Middle Blast: Farlla (hunter snake) Right Blast: Pilla left blast --dont have yet--- (trying to get Milla/Youlla) I took a screenshot of my guildcard and where I am standing once I realized what happened. I blame these NPCs, they wanted my mags and stole them D:< lol http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy211/quantumsteam/150905%20PSOBB%20Ultima%20Tabor.png but seriously, Im so sad right now, is there any hope for me? /weep
  2. I was transferring a mag from my force to my ranger and it disappeared in the bank. It happened at 12:09AM CST 3/24/2015. I don't have a current picture of it, just the first form... It was level 163 Diwari. I know the stats and attacks it had. I really would like to get it back since aside from the Sato I'm currently working on it's the first successful rare mag I've managed to create using a guide. The stats were 5/45/113/0. with the attacks, estilla, pilla, and the twins Character: Wrose.0 Guildcard Number: 42147279 Oh and idk if it helps at all, but the room that I used to place the mag, and went to pick it back up was a room called mag with a character named Nillo in it.
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