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  1. Hello everyone c: Oftentimes when people learn about new weapons they wonder how good they are. I've wondered for a long time if hundred souls was a good investment as well as charge type me mechguns. There's a lot of false information where people exaggerate how much damage some weapons can do. I've compiled damage comparisons for different classes so you can get a good idea of how strong these weapons can be. All these tests are done with the max ATP of the class and Red Ring equipped. I took the average damage based on multiple tests. Keep in mind Excalibur and Hundred Souls have a pretty large ATP variance, so you can sometimes do around 100 more or less damage each swing. Even Vulcan has an ATP variance. I was originally planning on making a video showing all the damage my characters were doing, but my footage ended up being 2-3 hours all together and it's a pain to upload that much. If you want to see any part of the video I suppose you can request it. These weapons I've tested with different attributes % so you can see the impact percents make on weapons with high ATP vs low ATP. In addition, I've included Sue's Coat so you can see the impact that makes on damage for the characters who can equip it. All these calculations were done recording the damage of the special attack with the exception of Psycho Raven and Hundred Souls on HUcast and HUcaseal (the number listed there is the amount they do with heavy attack). After all the tests I will be discussing the damage calculation formula. I've written a bit of an explanation for the HUnewearls damage compilation because there's some interesting stuff there, check it out c: FOmarl FOnewearl FOnewm FOmar (with Godric's Cloak equipped) HUcaseal HUcast HUnewearl Damage Calculation Formula I plan on updating this post to explain more about it later, but for now if you have any questions about the formula, or if you want to know how much damage a certain weapon would do on an enemy from a certain class feel free to post here asking. Having a definite formula could be useful in deciding how much you want to invest to sphere your weapons. For example, if you only needed lets say 65% percent on a HUcast to kill a Sinow Zoa with a N H H combo then maybe that's the exact amount you want to invest. If we could get exact stats of enemies we could calculate the chance of hitting these enemies which would further inform people on how much they should invest in weapons. I also plan on doing some tech damage comparisons at some point on a different thread.
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