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  1. A colossal pit was discovered a few years ago on an island far in the South of Gal Da Val. It was called The Abyss. The vertical hole has a diameter of around 55 meters at the surface and the Abyss is at least 3,300 meters deep. It possesses a unique ecosystem, wherein lie ancient and extraordinary relics that defy common sense. The government sent a lot of determined hunters in order to unveil the secrets of the Abyss, but some of them never returned. Many have challenged the mysterious abyss, pursuing hidden treasures and artifacts of immense value. The Abyss is divided into at least 6 known layers. The deeper, the more dangerous it gets. Space and time also seem to be distorted in the depths. Hence why each of those layers has a different hunter level restriction. The Abyss is huge, in your quest you will only get to explore a very small part of each layer, so you might not meet many other people. Various paranormal phenomenons have been observed in the Abyss. There is a mysterious and invisible force that applies undesirable effects on adventurers upon specific conditions. Those symptoms and triggers vary from a layer to another. They are called the Curse of the Abyss. There are only 6 known layers because going to the 6th means inevitable death. CAPITAL OF THE UNRETURNED You will find a lot more information about the different layers and their curses in the game quest board. The quest is not (and won't be) exactly finished. It will get released in an unstable version in a few days because I have to gauge realtime difficulty, average time to complete it in 4 players teams, eventual issues etc. So please report any bugs you find in the quest. I planned to make it a very long quest, telling the story of the Abyss, but I know many people don’t like long quests (in addition to the frustration of getting a late disconnection) so I made it much shorter than originally intended. Thus it should take less than an hour to finish it (the worst ending that is). Capital of The Unreturned is abbreviated CTU (Pronounced as "City U"). As you can guess, this is a tribute quest to Made In Abyss. But no worries, there is no manga spoiler in the quest. The quest storyline and stuff are mostly made up. Thanks for giving me proper credits if you are going to copy any of this quest's mechanics for your own quest.
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