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Found 1 result

  1. My booma want to buy something cool and useful. My booma doesn't have any PSO knowledge because it have been living in a well all it's life... My booma got 35 PDs to spend, not one more ! Rip my booma off ! Event begin the 30 september and end the 2 october. Your goal is to sell something to my booma as overpriced as possible (max is 35 PDs). You just have to make a post in this topic with : What you're selling What is your price Why my booma should absolutely buy it To make things fair, this booma will be played by a 11 years old girl that have absolutely no knowledge in PSO. So you gotta make it attractive for a newbie. Also, take in consideration that this is not a fictional selling. It may be an event, but if you say, by example, that you're selling a Dragon Slayer for 35 PDs, and my booma agree to it : I will give you those 35 PDs and you will give me the dragon slayer. You can exaggerate as much as you want about how good is the junk you're selling, but you cannot lie about the stats. Prizes : One Donation Ticket plus the PDs you will earn by selling some junk to my booma. This event has been organized by Necromant to show you how pissed she was that no one got a Gladius rank in Delsaber Gauntlet =P Traduction Française (ouais parce que j'en ai pas eu à l'event précédent alors je me lâche là)
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