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  1. with Noesis, i can open and see untextured 3D models of everything in the game. then you click on "file" in Noesis menu and select "Export". then you will be presented with a window. source file: 😄 \Users\User\ ( main file location)\(pso bb)\Character or enemies model\name of the character file character files, npc files and model files are encoded with .nj output type Destination file: where it's gonna go Main output type: important. when you have this menu, choose the output type that you can work with. ex: blender can work with: .fbx - FBX .dae Collada .abc - alembic .3ds - 3D studio .bvh - Motion Capture .ply - Standford .obj - Wavefront .stl - Stl .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics .x3d\wrl X3D extensible 3D with output the output menu can do: .dae - Collada .fbx - Autodesk FBX .glm - GHOUL2 Model .gltf - glTF Model .iqm - Inter Quake Model .kvx - KVX Voxel Model .md2 - Quake II MD2 .md3 - Quake III MD3 .md5mesh - md5mesh (Doom 3, Prey, ect) .mdl - Quake MDL .mdr - EF/Raven MDR .obj - WaveFront OBJ .ply - Standford PLY .ply2 - PLY2 Model .psk - Unreal ActorX Model .rdm - RDM (model) .smd - Valve SMD .stl - Stanford Tessellation Language Model .vox - VOX Voxel Model Additional texture output: Default .anm - DeluxePaint Animation .astc - ASTC Image .bmp - BMP Image .crn - Crunch Texture .dcm - MRI - DICOM .dds - DDS Image .gif - GIF Image .hdr - Radiance HDR .ico - Icon Image .j2k - JPEG 2000 Codestream .jp2 - JPEG 2000 Image .jpg - JPEG Image .jps - Stereo JPS Image .Ibm - DeluxePaint Image .Imp - Quake LMP .m32 - M32 Image .m8 - M8 Image .mpo - Stereo MPO Image .pcx - PCX Image .png - PNG Image .spr - Quake SPR .tga - TGA Image .tspr - Text Spirite Set .wal - Quake II WAL Texture Additional animation output: .Default .bvh - BioVision Hierarchy Anim .dae - COLLADA .fbx - Autodesk FBX .gla - GHOUL2 Animation .gltf - gITF Model .iqm - Inter-Quake Model .md2 - Quake II MD2 .md3 - Quake III MD3 .md5anim - md5anim (Doom 3, Prey, ect) .mdl - Quake MDL .mdr - EF/Raven MDR .noefbxmulti - Multi-FBX Anim Sequence .psa - Unreal ActorX Animation .rda - RDA (anim) .smd - Valve SDM others options: -Flip UV's -No geometry -No animations -Rotate 90 -No textures Export that file and open it with Blender. now you can mod the 3D models
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