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Found 8 results

  1. Cool stuff nothing crazy but I’m a hoarder cleanin all this out im going to start this out at 1 pd Auction will end on October 21st at 12 pm pst time (items will be randomly added throughout the week, never taken away tho) 34/60 items in list PC,PD, DT accepted (no yugimon cards @Kotta) chaos arms 0/0/50/50/30 rambling may 0/0/35/30 toy hammer 0/0/40/30 blue ring genpei red mechgun 35/0/0/0/30 dress plate 0 slot db saber 0/0/0/0/40 deband lv 30 cure/shock shifta lv 30 durandal 40/0/0/0/35 galatine 35/0/0/0 demons raygun 0/50/0/50/50 Silence claw +10 35/0/0/40/50 holy ray 0/30/40/30 rambling may 35/0/0/0/40 rambling may 0/0/40/0 psycho wand 0/0/0/0 suppressed gun 30/0/0/70 ysmigarasu 0/40/0/0 monkey king bar 0/60/0/40 last swan 45/0/0/40 angel harp 0/25/30/0/40 stealth sword 0% yunchang 25/0/75/0 asteron striker 0% sword of Ultima 0/0/15/0 kroes sweater 0 slot godrics cloak 4 slot cent/luck x2 luck material x5 proof of Sonic team bloody art +3 0/0/0/35/30 spread needle 0/0/0/40
  2. Sellin off a stack of mind materials! 99 mind materials im gonna start this auction off at 1 pc pd, DT, pc are good forms of payment This will end oct 7th at 12 pm (pst) good luck
  3. Hello all I’m auctioning off 30 wonderful items (Really just clearing bank space) Auction will end on Monday the 17th, 4pm (PST) I will start the bidding at 1 PC accept PC/PD/DT Good luck items> dragon slayer 35/0/0/40 rikas claw 0/0/40/0 tension blaster 25/0/0/0 zalure lv30 phonon maser 0/0/0/0 toy hammer 0/25/0/0 lame d’argent 0/0/35/0 slicer of fanatic 0/0/25/0 l&k14 combat 0/45/35/0 chaos arms 50/50/0/0/30 toy hammer 50/0/0/45 rambling may 0/25/30/0 sonic knuckle 0/0/35/30 smoking plate flowens shield cent/tp v501 honeycomb reflector cent/tech perfect/resist cent/luck x3 diska of bravemen 0/25/0/0/35 final impact 0/0/0/0 Megid LV27 foie lv29 chaos striker 50/50/0/0/30 bug catching net 0/40/0/0 toy hammer 0/0/0/35 🤘
  4. Duja

    Tech Auction

    Hello everyone auctioning off a few tech disks nothing fancy but I need to clear out some space Auction will end sunday the 19th at 3pm PST accepting PD, PC, DT i will start this bid at 1 PC good luck resta 30 X3 deband 30 Shifta 30 zalure 30 x2 jellen 30 razonde 29 rabarta 29 X2 foie 29 X2 zonde 29 x3 barta 29 X2 Resta 29 gizonde 29 X2 grants 26 x2 Grants 25 megid 25 Deband 29 Gibarta 29 grants 28 X2 grants 29
  5. Duja

    Auction> POST

    Auctioning off a proof of Sonic team (POST) Auction will run until 11/30/19 5pm pst time I'm going to start this bid at 1 PD Good luck 👍
  6. Holding a good ol fashioned auction Items here are not the best but I like this more than updating and keeping a shop. Auction will end 11/9/2019 at 4pm PST time. Im going to start this auction at 1 pd. Dragon Slayer 25/0/0/0/40 Gae Bolg 40/0/0/0/50 Diska of Braveman 40/0/0/0/50 Silence Claw 0/25/0/25/50 Caduceus 0/30/0/0/40 Fire Rod 0/0/0/0/0 DBs Saber 0/0/0/50/40 Amore Rose 0/0/45/35/35 jellen lv 30 megid lv 26 resta lv 30 deband lv 30 Godricks cloak 999999 meseta good luck
  7. Auctioning off a stealth suit...again 4 slots Turns your character invisible and cuts out weapon switching times Ends Saturday at 8 pm (PST) We all know the rules of an auction I'm gonna start it off at 1 pd Good luck everyone
  8. Auction for a 80 hit Valkyrie VALKYRIE 0/0/0/0/80 Auction ends Sunday at 6 pm, my time I'm going to start this at 1 pd Good luck
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