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  1. Hey guys sense our lovely servers back up im back into the mag daycare business, Drop by my room at Xios mags and place a order and I will create you any type or mag within these catagories. *Single based mags that would have 40-65 in the single chat chosen below) power Defense Dex Mind *Accuracy bonus mags that have 50 Dex or more with the selected below* Dex/Pwr Dex/Mind Dex/Defense * Class based Photon blasts with Stat based attributes* Photon/Pwr Photon/Mind Photon/Dex Photon/Even I do not do mag cells im sorry, even if i had them i dont, if i happen to have a mag cell I will just give it to you and you have to do it yourself. I don't know anything aboiut them and I dont wish to cause a bug and lose my babies. Their my precious <3 take good care of them XOXO Xute<3, Added[Charts] Force: http://www.pso-world...icle&artid=1238 Hunter: http://www.pso-world...icle&artid=1240 Ranger: http://www.pso-world...icle&artid=1241 Extra: http://www.pso-world...icle&artid=1036 Final Mags: http://www.pso-world...icle&artid=1016 Any additional information you have to either tell me or find for yourself. Mags being mag currently. (5) Until a request is placed out I will train these mags in these statistically patterns, if you want a certain evolution than please make a post =O, if you want 1 of these mags below than also make a post XD. if you want them before i train them too high find me in my room Xios Mags. Better hurry <3. (Status all mags level 12 or above) 2 MST - Mind - Mind/dex 2 Accuracy -Dex/power -Dex/power 1 Power -Power/Dex/Mind Requests: 4/26/2012 - Ekisho ( Sato Mag, PWR+Mind)-low dex-low defense - UnHoly ( Dex mag) Return after level 50 Mags progress: VitraX6 KabandaX1 ( My main Mag) SumbaX1 Strike Unit (Rare, up for grabs once i reach level 150) Ekisho's mag (Namuci) 2nd Evolution -Twins- Level: 35 10(Def)0(Power)8(Dex)17(Mind) Unholy's Mag (Vitra) Level : 28 5(Def)1(Power)18(Dex)4(Mind) Free mags: (Open for request edits or to have when their level 90) Status will be updated every 5 minutes. Mag(1)- Rare Evolution (level 53-Naraka) 19(def) 29(PWR) 5(Dex) 0(Mind) PWR+DEF=DEX+Mind Mag(2)- 2nd Evolution (Level 37 Namuci) 9(Def) 1(PWR) 9(DEX) 16(MIND) Mag(3)- 2nd Evolution (Level 40 Ashvinau) 7(Def) 11(PWR) 22(Dex) 0(mind) Mag(4)-2nd Evolution (Level 41 Ashvinau) 7(Def) 12(PWR) 22(Dex) 0(Mind) Mag(5)- Revive mag ( eats only Moon antimizers, star Antimizers) (Level 10 Mag) 6(Def) 1(PWR) 1(DEX) 2(MIND) Mag(6)- Revive mag(2) ( eats only Moon antimizers, star Antimizers) (Level 10 Mag) 6(Def) 1(PWR) 1(DEX) 2(MIND) Mag(7)- Semi-Rare Mag (Level 53 Kabanda) 15(Def) 0(PWR) 8(Dex) 29(MIND) Completed Requests: HERO (Request=Kabanda Mind Mag)
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