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Found 2 results

  1. I want to invest into a good Humar weapon with a good special that I can add percentages to. I am open to any attribute but primarily Arrest, Freeze, and Hell. (What does "unreduced" mean?) I am considering adding hit percentage to Jizai or Yamigarisu but I'd like it to be on a weapon that can hit multiple enemies. My goal is to be able to have a solid chance of successfully using it on enemies in the Control Center and Seabed areas on Ultimate so I can grind by myself. I already have v502 and SMARTLINK if I want to use a ranged weapon. I am open to all usable Humar weapons. Thanks y'all! P.S. I am already in the process of maxing stats using units/mags/materials
  2. I just re-download PSOBB on my newly built PC, and am having a bug while loading my characters in (I know there is a server attack but that's not the problem), after the character select screen, and loading phase for connecting to a server, it freezes, without full on crash, it stops responding. I did some testing and found that in only happens in full-screen mode. when I run the game windowed it works fine. now I haven't loaded up all the resolutions, they didn't seem to effect it, from native to 1080. Variable that shouldn't cause the problem, but i will include anyway controller (Xbox 360) two way SLI graphics cards (GTX 660) (currently disabled for PSO) Christmas event patch Variables that might cause it **Might** Razer Synapse (I only include this because it seems to freeze when PSO does) HDMI input/Resolution conflict File corruption from installer (New installer didn't change anything, tried re-installing) Color depth/High End settings (?) (System font?) Windows 8.1 (Tried in compatibility, didn't change anything) Now Im not sure how to go about fixing this, and I really want to play, I know there is a server attack going on, but when that is over, I want to be able to play enjoyably! Preferably in Full-Screen! I can be reached here or at my email: CastOfOblivion@gmail.com for any additional information needed.
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