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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I've just downloaded the PSOBB and created my account and password, after entering these and clicking onto connect I get an error message telling me the servers are down but players in the chat are currently online! I turned off my firewall and entered everything correctly but I still can't connect :/ thanks a lot, Ziggy
  2. ok so i have had this before and i havnt played in a little bit but when i go to login i get the error no908 patch sever connection failed. what the hell do i do? someone please help as im so confused
  3. First-time user. I am having trouble connecting to the server. I ran as admin, and still no good. Firewall isn't blocking anything as far as I can tell, because I have it set to notify me when any program tries to use it, and I get nothing. The launcher shows the server as being offline. When I run the game, same thing there when I try to patch or connect. Not sure what to do. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hiya people. first of all.. I want to say that I'm still learning english (alone) so, if I wrote something wrong please forgive me. I having problems to connect with the game recently, everytime when I'm connecting the game freezes in some point then start all over, if i keep insisting the game connects but it takes 30 or 40 minutes ~ After connecting to the server the game runs fine, no more disconnections or problems.. but it's really annoying take 30 minutes trying to connect to the server. This must be a problem with my PC or Internet, but I don't know how to fix it, I made a video showing this problem. Video (The video is laggy because I choose the worst recorder ever, but anyways..) Any Ideas anyone? :<
  5. Hi, i just started playing on this server today and i (at first) played it for 5 hours straight with no problem at all. But after quitting the game, then re-entering and hour later, the game will constantly drop connection and say i have "lost connection to the server". The server says it's still up, so i don't understand the problem i am getting. Please help as this is one of the best servers for PSO out there and it is forcing me out of the experience.
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