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  1. Gonna jump on Vhard once we are all 60+, that way we can continue to have a laugh doing TTF, that is until we hit the wall that is Ult, thats where screaming and yelling is gonna be fun to hear ;D
  2. Thanks mudkipzjm & Lemon , at the moment we are just progressing to get up to Ult, and one of ours "Siphon" is having his first time experiencing PSO, so we are all coaching him through it, sure enough hes enjoying it and having a blast, at the moment we keep doing TTF just to level and experience the game a little but I want to go through with everyone on the normal story and other quests at some point, just so he can experience it properly. We are down for people joining in just as long as the "gap" is not too much, as everyone knows its not fun to play if one player is just dominating (ala spread needle users back in the DC days), so by all means, if you enjoy the content and wanna come have a laugh, we stream almost every single day (emphasis on the almost), and we have a discord server for it too, our own one that we use just to talk to each other. Thanks again
  3. Just wanted to drop by and say Hi to everyone, former games tester here and dev here, played PSO back in the day on the DC and subsequent versions, got a new PC and decided to get PSO working once again, and found that Ultima was highly praised. So I decided to stream it every time I play it, and the streams have become pretty popular, if you wanna check them out or look for other daily video game content please check out Youtube.com/Moodydata, thanks very much to everyone for being such a friendly community, being welcoming and running this server, been recommending it to everyone else on stream multiple times. Peace
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