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    Selling this stuff for roughly 50% of the price in dts. Send me a PM to make a deal.

    Note: Bundle things up and get a discount.

    INFERNO GIRASOLE [30/0/0/25|0]  10 steam

    YASMINKOV 9000M +10 [0/0/0/0|80] [Demon's]  30 steam

    WEDDING DRESS x1 [DEF: 100/EVP: 40] [Slots: 4] [max]  10 steam

    Proof of Sonic Team x3 10 steam or 3 for 20


    Blacklist (People I don't trade with): 
    FlashBack512 (Scammer)




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  2. 3 minutes ago, Auroboro said:


    I like how people like this don't have the ability to read past a 1st grade reading level.

    I'll repeat it one more time, These names, along with the dozen others I posted, I deem to be wealthy enough to somehow benefit off of the system of overpriced DT nonsense.

    If you feel like it's blaming you or that you're being accused somehow out of this, then too bad, go write it in your diary because I've explained about a hundred times in clear text that nobody is playing the blame game, especially not me.

    Report me.

    This can be locked if GM's want it too, since people like this don't even feel like its necessary to think before they type out their butthurt responses.

    You're the one who's butthurt because you're not right lel

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Jay Armstrong said:

    No can force anyone. Like I said its a choice. I was just saying poor has nothing to do with it , at least for some , can't speak for everyone . as far as the dark weapons go I do want them and I'll be hunting pgf during the event. Fingers crossed

    That's what I'm saying. You have a choice. Either work for it or buy it for all I care. The point I'm trying to make is a lot of people here are salty because they don't want to do either and still somehow get dark weapons. 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Jay Armstrong said:

    Lol I'm definitely not poor but I'm never going to spend $500 on in game content . so I dont think poor has anything to do with it, just a choice. Now as far as hunting goes because you hunt doesn't mean you will find what you're hunting for before an event with said item is over, that's why people resort to buyin. Like the sta I've been hunting unsuccessfully but I wouldn't buy it right now because its available to hunt in the current event.

    No one is forcing you to spend 500$ lol. Cool stuff like psycho ravens can be had for $15. But if you explicitly want nothing less than a dark weapon, then yes, spend lots of cash or work your ass off for it. It's not easy to get one but it's possible. I never found a pgf either but I worked my ass off all year hunting shit to sell, raising mags, trading, farming etc etc for mine. When there's a will there's a way bro. 

  5. 23 minutes ago, Arek said:

    Precisely and you can always hunt it - I don't quite see the big deal.

    The rare stuff are the expensive stuff, people moan either about the drop-rates, or the fact that others donate/trade to get something instead of (whatever) they themselves like.
    As was said earlier, preferences, and thankfully we have the power of free will.


    People are just too poor to donate and too lazy to work for it. Shit's not gonna come free folks

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  6. 9 minutes ago, shong said:

    Just wanted to add a quick note that while the higher end economy (in my opinion, specifically the fact that PDs are largely undesirable and often not accepted at all for mid-high end items which means that $$$ is king) is currently pretty poor, the low-mid end economy is actually quite strong in my opinion. People can readily get stuff like hit Charge Vulcan/Arms/Frozen Shooter, V101/V502/CentAbility, good Mags, all the way up to stuff like Adept, Psycho Wand, etc very cheaply (less than 3 hours of normal IDS and you have enough for PWand, that's great). A new player gearing up as a RA is in very good shape and (aside from Hylian) so is a FO that might want to solo farm ep4 for whatever valuable item to sell


    If you're willing to put in some work it's not that hard to get geared in Ultima. Also, I feel for mid-high end trades pds are mostly undesirable because they are so easily farmed. Especially WOI gives out pds way too easy imo (at least for a decently geared group of 200s), can easily get 99+ per day. People used to trade 15dts for 99pds all the time, but lately this doesn't happen much anymore and if it does happen often for 1:7 or higher. PDs are way more common than dts.

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    1 minute ago, TripleR said:

    That entire post you made about the tinfoil that thing(although honestly I do find it kind of funny, especially as some people do think it's all some sick price raising conspiracy with larva at the top) Really add absolutely nothing. I don't care if you think you said something constructive before, because when you start outwardly flaming shit, when you apparently can't ready the whole post or understand the context of it. Because a couple weeks before pgf starts dropping is a REALLY weird time for someone to start up a gimmie pgf post don't you think? I just se you often start shit in posts, it continues on, it gets locked. I mean are you going to take part in the discussion or just shit on people for no apparent reason? Dude, you really gotta grow up man. 

    How I am not right? you fucked up Sabs dark weapon buying post, now you are trying to do the same thing here.

    Ugh not that post... I actually posted something pretty decent a few posts before that. Also, funny you should bring up sabs thread, what the fuck were you doing there then. Oh right, you're the best player on ultima, so you have the right to be everywhere and shit out your opinion on everything haha

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