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  1. Excuse me, and sorry in advance to complain but why did the costume got reverted to min RR stats? Bewb costume was awesome with its 40FR resist, 250 dfp and built in trap search what is the point to get them for hunter/ranger against max red ring now beside aesthetic and tech boost?


    well just my 2 cents, sorry for the rant

  2. Guildcard: 4170908

    Character Slot: 2 Reiz

    Date/Time: 13/10/2016 - approximatively 17:15 GMT+1 16:15 UTC -0

    Description: I withdraw an Gush Raygun 50/0/0/50/50Hit from the bank, when I realized I didn't had it on my inventory and also I double checked on all the normal and common bank.

    I left the room and changed the block. I noticed the Gush Raygun was back but My DF was grayed out. I entered another room and went on the equip menu to realize that my mag wasn't here anymore.

    I cannot provide pictures with precise stats but it was a Tellusis

    5 DEF

    147 POW

    48 DEX

    With Twins farla and another i forgot

    I can however provide a picture with both the tellusis equipped and DF if necessary

    Could a Gm help me out?


  3. On 17/09/2016 at 7:14 PM, Fyrewolf5 said:

    Females (fomarl, fonewearl, ramarl, hunewearl) cast fastest with a wand weapon equipped. Males (fonewm, fomar, humar, ramar) cast fastest barehanded. Fomarl also casts pretty fast when using doublesabers, barehand, cards, rifles, and handguns.

    @misnombre I've been planing to do a comparison of flowens vs zanba for my own purposes for a while, but its low on the priority list of things I need to do. Zanba should scale harder off of %s than Flowen's will, since flowen's has more of its atp in grind. Zanba also has a higher atp variable, which while making the damage vary more, also is boosted by shifta on top of the variable (i.e. minimum remains the same, maximum = maxATP + (variableATP x ShiftaPower). Also Tjs is 900-950atp, 50grind, so it's 1050 and not 1150, that would make it more than dark flow lol.
    Another often overlooked weapon is Yunchang, which is a berserk partisan with higher ata at 49 and usuable by all hunters. Also it looks pretty sweet. Partisan animation is faster than swords (especially in recovery), and has more forward reach (30units vs 25units) but slightly less horizontal reach (40 vs 45). Shame that it only drops in ep4 hard, making it difficult to get hit on.

    Zanba 0% : 375-514atp (avg 445)
    Flowens 0%: 470-490atp (avg 480)
    Yunchang 0% : 350-400 (avg 375)
    TJSword 0% : 1000-1050atp (avg 1025)
    DarkFlow 0% : 1000-1100atp (avg 1050)

    Zanba 100%    :  696 - 952 (avg 824)
    Flowens 100% :  770 - 810 (avg 790)
    Yunchang 100% : 650-750 (avg 700)
    TJSword 100% : 1900-2000 (avg 1950)
    DarkFlow 100% : 2000-2200 (avg 2100)

    Zanba 0% average atp should outscale flowens 0% with at least 19shifta.

    While all these numbers may look pretty, for practical purposes it's all moot. Any of these weapons will deal tons of damage and kill enemies just as well as any other (excluding dark flow special close range of course), and if all you want is the biggest possible numbers, then vjaya will always be unmatched in that regard.

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    Do you think more people would use Yunchang if it was available for all classes?

  4. 48 minutes ago, shong said:

    What stats do people generally prefer on their Cannon Rouge between X/X/X/0 and X/X/0/0/X? Can't think of any reason I'd want dark? I was surprised at how often I was missing with hard attack vs DRL with max ata+RR RAmarl so it sort of feels like some hit is needed, plus you can Gizonde to ruin Vol Opt instead anyway.

    Cannon Rouge in my experience needs hit to be working efficiently I used to have 35 hit on my ranger and it was working well against de rol/barba ray, Vol Opt and Gol Dragon i can hard attack, Gryphon on the other hand i was not able to land hard attacks but simple worked


    I think the most stats people wants on it is Beast Machine and Hit

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  5. On 10/09/2016 at 6:41 AM, Fyrewolf5 said:

    The Tsumikiri J-Sword/Master Sword special always hits, completely bypasses any ata vs evp check, while doing hard attack damage and can critical hit. This means you will only ever need enough ata to land hard attacks, which is significantly less than the ata needed for other kinds of special attacks. I use 0hit master sword on fomarl with kroes sweater (190max ata + 20RR + 55MS) and I hit almost everything just fine.

    I personally have hit on my Iron Faust and I do really like it with hit, but some people may choose not to have hit on it. Even though cast has confuse traps, those only work close at range, whereas iron faust can confuse a large group of enemies from far away. Sometimes having that range to get a far away group of baranz / belras / ill gills / whatever can be quite nice; additionally it leaves you safer after confusing since confused enemies will still target you if you are the closest thing to them, as is often the case with a trap. The confusion special may not be something you use everywhere all the time, but it does give extra versatility to your arsenal. A bit of hit may help with starting hard attack first on iron faust, which is very possible on almost everything with 50hit, or with hitting some of the higher evp mobs like illGills/Delbiters/Sinows/GalGryphon/etc., and can be quite useful on those enemies (ill gill cannot charge through iron faust projectile, same with bringer charge / delsaber jump or shield / etc.), but I do not have 0hit iron fausts with which to test things out.

    Yes, baranz launcher is stronger than DM. I've made detailed comparison pictures of baranz launcher vs dark meteor vs iron faust before, which I'm going to repost into this response (original). While I was testing DM 50 0 0 50 50, IF 100 0 0 100 50, and Baranz Launcher 0 0 0 0 75, the 0dark Baranz Launcher was coming out on top over the 50dark DM in almost every situation other than with no buffs or debuffs. If they were both sphered to 100dark, then the gap between Baranz over DM would be even larger than shown in these pictures.

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    the gear

      Reveal hidden contents

    DM 50 0 0 50 50


    Baranz Launcher 0 0 0 0 75


    Iron Faust 100 0 0 100 50


    Zalure J-Cutter is visible in last one

    no buffs/debuffs

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    Baranz Launcher


    Iron Faust


    21 zalure

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    Baranz Launcher


    Iron Faust


    30 zalure

    30 shifta

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    Baranz Launcher


    Iron Faust


    30 shifta + 21 zalure

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    Baranz Launcher


    Iron Faust


    30 shifta + 30 zalure

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    Baranz Launcher


    Iron Faust



    Could you make a comparison between Zanba FLowen Sword 3084 and TJS ? please =)

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