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  1. Selling:

    Glide divine - 30 pds from what I heard ingame

    Soul booster-10 dts or 70 pds

    Psycho Ravens 0/0/0/0 - 12 dts or 80 pds

    100 hp mats. 5:1 rate

    Pm me with offers

    Wants :



    Hylian shield

    Demon raygun 50 hit

    Bringers rifle with hit

  2. Hellokakes- I got the 150 there reserved. But I will check my other chars for more and will let you know.

    Final pacman : I am taking offers on that one. I'm getting different prices from people so if it's a decent offer I'll take it.

    So pm me your offer :D

  3. I am not really familiar with ultima prices so I'm just taking the best offer.


    Master raven clean x2

    Glide divine 0/0/15/0

    Spirit gungnir 0/0/50/50/30

    Custom Ray ver.00 0/0/15/0/30

    Charge repeater 0/0/0/5/50

    Meteor smash 0/0/30/0/20

    Final impact 30/0/0/0/35

    Sonic knuckle 0/0/0/0

    Huge battle fan 0/0/0/0 x4

    Madams umbrella 0/0/0/0

    Rocket punch 0/0/0/0

    striker of chao

    Amores rose 0/0/0/0

    Ophelie seize 0/0/0/0/35

    Tyrells parasol 0/0/0/0

    Hell gladius 0/0/50/50/30

    Berserk raygun 50/0/0/50/30

    Drill launcher 0/0/0/0

    Marinas bag

    Panther claw

    Game magazine

    Wok of akikos shop


    Del role shield

    Union guard

    Stink shield


    Mind materials 99

    Hp mats 150x- reserved

    Chocolate x3

    Cure shock X11

    Cure confuse x7

    Trap search x3

    God power x8

    God mind x4

    Cure slow x8

    Heavenly battle

    Abuelita battle x5


    Mostly pds or dts

    Luck mats

    Pow materials

    Shouren clean

    Cheap heaven punishers lol ( too lazy to hunt for one)

    Will add more wants if I can think of any.

    Pm or post offers. I'm highly active on forums.

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