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  1. I saw a bunch of Nar Lilys last night. I really get excited to see the rare variants. Especially after hours on the dreamcast with only a few sightings http://youtu.be/oh97JfbON2g Check it out. And hopefully some of you will subscribe to watch my adventures. Thank you
  2. I played a lot of PSO back in the dreamcast days and only saw 1 Al Rappy and no other rare creatures. This morning I saw 2 Al Rappys on the Gallon's Plan Quest. Both drop HP Material to raise HPs by 2. It was a nice surprise and I recorded the videos if any one is interested. part one (please note the rappys appear in part 2) http://youtu.be/hyXschx9ARU part two http://youtu.be/xhLi_kirBwE Also last night I was in the caves and saw a Nar Lilly. Are the rare creature's set to appear a little more frequently on the Ultima Server?
  3. Hello Everyone I started playing PSO with my brother back on the dreamcast when the game first came out. Back then we played on dial up. He lived in Seattle and I in NJ. It was the first time I was able to play a game with him over the internet. We put in a ton of hours on the game and bought Version 2 on launch day. I even switched from AOL to Sega.Net. Anyone remember that? I was disappointed when Sega closed it's servers. So now that I found this site , I am happy to be playing again. I even convinced my brother to sign up. My in game name is SHUPIRAte I also started to chronicle my adventures on youtube under shupirate1991 I am new at youtube so please take it easy on me, LOL Anyway my real name is Dustin and hope to play with some of you soon thanks and I will donate to the server as well Take Care Dustin
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