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  1. Sucks that some people with recently made accounts can't even play, while older accounts can. Makes it extremely difficult for friends to be brought into the fun!
  2. He still can't log in, anything we can try to do on our end? I only ask because i can play, and he can't.
  3. He has no Guildcard on his profile, so i can't tell you that, under IGN there is nothing else there.
  4. My friend is trying to log into the client, but every time he enters his information, it tells him its incorrect, which it isn't. The server isn't down, because i can log into it and play it, his username and password are both lowercase, and he has even tried a new account and changing his password, and no other results have come out of it. If anyone could help out, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Anytime. I always try to do what i can for the community to have a better overall experience.
  6. EDIT: I actually found the problem, it was a skin/texture mod for the FOnewm, specifically this one ( http://pso.univers-ps.com/bb/skin/listeSkinUS.php5?cat=11#skin_690 ) just a heads up in case anyone wants to use this "Fonewm 2.0", it would make my game crash if wherever i loaded into had a FOnewm in the same area.
  7. Alright, it seems to just be completely random, it hasn't done it in a while. Thanks for the response!
  8. After fixing a problem i had earlier, ( http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/9782-connection-problems/ ) i ran into another problem where the game will keep crashing at random moments, whether it be me entering a lobby, running around, picking up an item, etc. The game will randomly crash with the ".exe has stopped working" message. If the information helps, i do use ALOT of skin mods, but they haven't posed as a problem before as i have used them even on other PSO servers with no problems at all. Help would be appreciated
  9. Thank you for the replies guys, i will try this out and see if it stops the random dc's.
  10. Hi, i just started playing on this server today and i (at first) played it for 5 hours straight with no problem at all. But after quitting the game, then re-entering and hour later, the game will constantly drop connection and say i have "lost connection to the server". The server says it's still up, so i don't understand the problem i am getting. Please help as this is one of the best servers for PSO out there and it is forcing me out of the experience.
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