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  1. The mysterious chronicle continues-----------------------previous one here http://www.phantasys...ssions-of-evil/ In a PSOBB galaxy far far away lies a server named ULTIMA. There lies many hunters and GM's finting together in harmony But little do they know they are being drawn into a.. REPERCUSSION OF EVIL! As the 4th annual christmas event draws near, the community of ultima prepares for the festivities and celebration. Many new and old faces should be there also. However things might not go as plan as everyone thought it would. Since ther infamous and most wanted wtfbbq item Parasite GayGene Flow will be dropping, theres bound to be drama and bickering.. When an anchient evil known as common sense or darkforce gives birth to another sibling to Olga Flow and Dark Falz. THE PROFOUND LULZ. Some say this evil is powered by the rage of PSOBB players from different servers, mostly from veteran schtserv users like ADE,Crono & ZER0 DX, Marky and so on. (Not to burn anyone) It all started when a hunter name blueford, who was well known and praised for being a great hunter. He was in the class of Heathcliff Flowen and Rico Tyrell.. Unfornately jealousy rained down upon this great hunter as the jealous hunters took away his power and mighty Sealed J sword, GuldMilla, Darthflow and Motav Profecy, and framed him for murder and treason and had him excecuted... As the evils of hate and revenge confined him, he fell down to hell screaming "I will seek my revenge on the PSO:BB private servers!!" This is where darkforce took action.. Darkforce said: lets see how these noob hunters can defeat my newest creation,THE PROFOUND LULZ. THE PROFOUND LULZ ran into many legendary hunters across all psobb private servers. ADE was once confronted by this evil but quickly defeated it by comparing himself to great minds like Plato. K_i_r_e_e_k qucikly bested this evil with his godly imperial pick and empress. But on our ultima, this darkness made one fatal mistake... THE PROFOUND LULZ snuck on our server and trolled everyone heavenly, allowing broomop to sneak into our server and cause trouble. It also possesed T.J and caused him to RAIGE! and put Lee in a state of having a nervous breakdown. It also may be the key behind Nami's retardation..(J/k xD) Anyway this evil was put up a fight but quickly and swifly defeated by Godric,Chuk,Dizz,and Buns in a 4man team of point of disaster. Finally, Larva and the other GM's used thier powers to seal away this evil. Was ultima safe? Was all the psobb servers safe? Will this evil come back again? IF IT DO, WE WILL BE READY FOR IT! maybic..
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