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  1. Ever since the creation of my Ultima's economy sucks thread I've been thinking of ways that we could try to make PD's more valuable and give an alternative way for people to add percents and hit to weapons without having to pay real money or at least use DT's... I've been cooking up this idea for about a month now, so hear me out on it. I'm not quite sure what I'd call the process... lets just call it... "Power Transfer" for now. With Power Transfer, what you can do is you can add additional percents (up to the cap, 80 hit, 100 double stats) using weapons that you find around PSO. For example... I have a 30 hit Excal on my RAmarl and it's blank otherwise... but I'd really like a stat or two extra on my Excal... but wait, I have another Excal on my HUcast that has 40 machine and 50 dark... that's perfect, those are both stats that I like and would love to have them on my 30 hit Excal. With Power Transfer, I would bring that 40m/50d Excal and my 30 hit Excal to a GM and tell them that I want to transfer over those stats on the non hit Excal to my hit Excal, which, in the process, destroys the item in question. But it wouldn't be a direct Power Transfer, you'd take both the stats, and then cut them in half. If you didn't cut them in half it'd be really easy to take a few high statted Excals and make a maxed out Excal instead for little PD's. So, going back to my example, my 40m/50d Excal, I'd cut both of those stats in half, which would make it 20m/25d and I'd add those stats to my 30 hit one. Simple right? The Excal I took the stats from would be destroyed (aka taken by the GM and sold to shop or whatever), but in order of PD payment, you'd combine those two stats together and then pay double that in PD's. The total amount would come to 45 total percentage, so I'd pay 90 PD's in total in addition to the destruction of my previous Excal. I believe this process could also be for hit. If you have an Excal that has a perfect 60/60 ratio in stats and you have another Excal that has 50 hit, but nothing else, take that hit Excal and Power Transfer it, adding the 25 hit over to your 60 statted Excal and you paying 50 PD's out of pocket for the exchange. The process could also be streamlined for combined items. Items like Arrest Needle you would only need a Spread Needle for to add stats to since it's created out of that. Or a Hundred Souls, all you'd need is a good statted Excalibur. I believe this would add significant value to PD's while also adding an extra option to those who have the PD's to spend but dont want to spend DT's. It would also be rewarding to those who hunt multiples of an item and would probably increase the value of some other smaller items for those that are interested to make a happy buck or two off of the trade. I could honestly see this being used a lot for people who refuse to pay or don't want to contribute to the DT problem but still want to max their gear out. It incentivizes hunting for items and putting in the effort while also making sure it's not too easy to add stats. Tell me what you guys think?
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