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  1. Hey everybody! Just started a few weeks ago, not even level 20 yet with all the school i have (last session of college, super busy and no life woo~) Anyway, it's my first PSOBB experience as well as being my first online experience ever in PSO. I used to play the gamecube version 1 & 2, max level i got is what... 145-150? Before i got a corrupted file haha. Ahh old consoles. I usually play force human male but heard techs arent too good on this server so i dont know if i should reconsider. I'm also aware i'll have quite the learning curve to go through as my previous experiences were me finding my gear but now being in a server, the comunity innevitably leads to "maxed" gear and hyper performance. I'll have to see in due time. Anyway, i hope to have fun in the game, bring back the nostalgia and feels of this great game, i'll see you all in game eventually. Lister Riot
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