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Found 4 results

  1. Please feel free to make offers on anything =D even if items not listed in wants! May change prices so don't be afraid to ask. Thanks WEAPONS Double Cannon 0/0/35/0 25pds handgun milla 0/0/0/0 5pds Rage de feu+9 0/20/0/0 5pds Nug2000-Bazooka+32 0/0/0/0/30 5pds Dual bird+21 0/0/0/0 10pds Psycho Wand 40/0/0/0 25pds Sange 0/0/10/15/30 offer Ophelie Seize 0/20/0/20/25 2pds Dragon Slayer 0/0/25/30/25 3pds Diska of braveman+9 35/0/10/0/40 1pd H&S25 Justice +4 0/25/0/0/35 2pds Red Saber 0/0/0/30/25 2pds Demolition comet 0/15/0/0/20 2pds Flamberge 0/0/20/20 2pds Asteron striker 0/0/35/40 offer SHIELDS DF shield 30pds Honeycomb reflector 4pds UNITS Hev/battle 2pds Hev/power 2pds Hev/arms 2pds Devil/battle 1pd 3x Devil/Technique 1pd each v801 1pd God/power 1pd God/power 1pd God/arm 1pd God/arm 1pd God/HP 1pd God/HP 1pd God/HP 1pd Cure/Poison x2 2:1pd cure/shock x3 3:1pd Devil/Battle 1pd ITEMS Sinow Berill's arms offer star amplifier offer parts of egg blaster offer Scape dolls 5:1 MAG CELLS ANY 15:1 pd Heart of Angel x14 Heart of Devil x10 Panther's spirit x9 Kit of Mark3 x12 Kit of Master System x16 Kit of Genesis x11 Kit of Sega Saturn x9 Kit of Dreamcast x9 Kit of Hamburger x6 Tablet x11 Ashura Mag Cell x12 Heart of Morolian x2 Addslot x400+ 15:pd or 99:5 pds or 300 12pds WANTS DTs or PDs proof of sonic Arrest Needle Spread Needle Guld (hit would be nice) RA weps Agastya (MIND) Iron Faust (hit would be nice) Bringers Rifle Cent/units lvl 30 S/D
  2. B>DF Shield PM me a price & w'll discuss further Kind Regards
  3. frame9

    B> DF Shield

    I'm looking to buy a DF shield. Offering PDs
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