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  1. First of all, I don`t want to start any drama here, this is a simple question, and all I want to know is if there is a rule about it or not. Easter event is here, and with it, comes a lot of event only rares. I was running a RT with 2 other players, I`m a FO level 189. Everything was fun, we were sharing the drops from the Rhappys(eggs) even the ones from the bosses... but as soon as we got to Olga 2nd form(Yes, the 2nd form where you have to grab his "soul" for him to wake up) the room leader which I don`t feel like sharing the name said: "the drops is mine"... Me and the other player started laughing thinking that he was joking, but he replied: "I`m not kidding, the log is here, if you guys steal the drop, I`ll ask for a gm to give it back to me." & I replied: "Don`t you think you should have claimed it before the quest begun? I mean, we ran the whole RT together as a team, and now you say that the item is yours? isn`t it a little bit selfish from your part?" and with all the attitude he finished: "Well, I am the room leader, so I can claim it whatever I want, whenever I want." Thank god no rare was dropped, but it made me wonder... Is it true that if me or the other player had grabbed the item before him, even tho he just claimed it on the last minutes, the gm would transfer it back to him if he showed his log? I got really confuse, cuz I wasn`t being carried nor the other guy(which was level 200) ... it just didin`t make complete sense in my head. What do you guys think? Is there a rule?
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