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Found 2 results

  1. Soooooo... for this december event i was thinking we should boost Olga Flow's Power and Defense super high! so that us higher levels who keep killing everything so fast can atleast have some type of fun with OlgaFlow cause he appears to be super easy and it's no fun cause it takes a tad bit of extra time to get to him. bad idea or na?!
  2. Selling Some things That Sit in my Storage For Centuries! >.< "Weapons!" Bloody Art 0/40/0/35]35>>>30pd Blood Tornado 0/0/0/0]60>>>20DT Lindcray 0/0/0/25/0>>>25pd Cross Scar 40/0/0/35/35>>>5pd Diska Of Braveman 0/0/0/45/40>>>1pd Spirit Raygun+13 50/0/0/50/30>>>5pd Rianov 303SNR-2 35/0/0/0/40>>>10pd Rianov 303SNR-2 0/0/0/35/40>>>10pd Rianov 303SNR-2 45/40/0/0/50>>>15pd (charge) Rianov 303SNR-4 0/100/0/100]0 >>>20DT Rianov 303SNR-2 40/45/0/0/35>>>7pd Rianov 303SNR-2 0/0/45/0/40>>>10pd Rianov 303SNR-3 0/40/30/40>>>10pd Berserk Vulcan+9 0/0/35/0/35>>>2pd $Rambling May 0/0/0/35>>>10pd $Slicer of Vengence 0/0/0/35>>>35pd (Untekked lol) Hitogata 90/0/30/0]0>>>33pd Glide Divine V.00>>>30pd XX Psycho Wand >>>30pd >>> Arrest Needle+60 0/25/0/100/80>>>70DT Holy Ray 0/10/0/0/10>>>2pd Heaven Punisher 0/0/35/25>>>5pd Suppressed Gun+9 Hell 0/0/35/40/10>>>7DT Caduceus 0/35/25/0/45>>>1pd Suppressed Gun+9 0/0/0/0/20>>>15pd Hell yasminkov 9000M+10>>>8DT Meteor Cudgel 0/0/0/50>>>1pd Master Raven+9 (blank)>>>3pd Last Swan 50/40/0/35>>>10pd (1/2) Last Swan (blank)>>>3pd Frozen Shooter 0/0/25/0/30>>>10pd Evil Curst (blank)>>>1pd (2) Rabbit Wand (blank)>>>Free Marina's Bag (blank)>>>2pd $Glide Divine V.00, 0/0/0/35>>>35pd Plaintain Huge Fan 0/20/0/0>>>35pd Charge Yasminkov 3000R+60 (blank)>>>7DT Heart Of Poumn (blank)>>>1pd Yasminkov 7000V (blank+no special)>>>10pd S-rank Hell Needle (Jellen+70) 15DT S-rank Demon Needle (Illusion+48) 15DT Sange 0/0/30/35/30>>>5pd Guilty Light 25/0/30/0/30>>>1pd Red Scorpio 45/30/0/0/25>>>1pd Phonon Maser+36 0/40/70/0>>>2pd DB's Saber 0/25/0/0/30>>>1pd DB's Saber 0/35/35/0/40>>>1pd Angel Harp 0/30/35/50>>>2pd Angel Harp+50 0/25/40/20>>>3pd Angel Harp 0/30/35/50>>>2pd Angel Harp 40/0/40/40>>>4pd Angel Harp 40/0/40/50>>>4pd &&&&&>>> Demolition Comet 0/0/0/0/40>>>5pd Ruby Bullet 0/0/0/20/10>>>5pd &&&&&>>> Amore Rose 40/50/0/30>>>3pd &&&&&&>>> Amore Rose 30/0/0/0/35>>>5pd Amore Rose 0/70/0/25>>>3pd Amore Rose 0/0/40/0/40>>>5pd Amore Rose 0/40/40/40>>>4pd &&&&>>> Lame D'Argent 0/0/35/0>>>10pd Stealth Sword 40/0/0/0>>>1pd Ophelie seize 0/0/40/35>>>1pd Ophelie seize (blank)>>>1pd Ophelie seize 0/0/30/0>>>1pd Commander Blade (blank)>>>Free Yungchang (blank)>>>1pd Asteron Striker 0/20/25/0/20>>>30pd Cannon Rouge 0/15/0/0/30>>>15pd "Armor!" DB's armor>>>Free Rico's glasses>>>3pd Secure Feet>>>1pd Guard Wave>>>1pd DF field>>>1pd Electro Frame>>>1pd Sacred Cloth>>>2pd Scared Cloth>>>2pd Smoking Plate>>>1pd Red Odoshi Domaru>>>1pd Black Odoshi Red Nimaidou>>>1pd Blue Odoshi Violet Nimadou>>>1pd Kroe's sweater>>>2pd Red Coat>>>2pd Cat Ears>>>15pd Dress Plate>>>5pd Tempest Cloak>>>2pd Tempest Cloak>>>2pd Select Cloak>>>Free Spirit Cuirass>>>Free Crimson Coat>>>Free Infantry Mantle>>>Free >>> >>> >>> >>> Shields! (3/3) Red Ring (min)>>>9DT $Genpei>>>15pd >>> Rico's Glasses>>>2pd Secure Feet>>>1pd Rupika>>>1pd Cat Ears>>>15pd "Units!" Yasakani magatame>>>1pd V501>>>3pd (3) V801>>>Free Swordsman lore>>>1pd (1) Heaven Battle>>>1pd Centurion/Ability>>>3pd (3) Centurion/technique>>>5pd Godric's/Ability>>>1pd Centurion/Arms>>>10pd "Mags!" Tellusis 5/175/20/0>>>20pd Soniti 15/0/0/185>>>15pd Angel Wings 5/95/50/50>>>14pd Sato 5/150/45/0 (pink/purple)>>>15pd Sato 5/148/47/0 (blue/turquoise)>>>15pd (Pink)Love Rappy 5/0/43/152>>>16pd $(Pink)Love Rappy 5/0/45/150>>>20pd $Pitri 5/0/45/150>>>15pd $Elenor 5/0/45/150>>>15pd $Soniti 5/0/45/150>>>15pd "Spells!" Anti level 5>>>1pd Anti level 6>>>2pd Anti level 7>>>2pd Deband level 15>>>Free Shifta level 15 (x2)>>>Free Gizonde level 15>>>Free Zonde level 15 (x2)>>>Free Gibarta level 15 (x3)>>>Free Foie level 15>>>Free Gifoie level 15>>>Free Rafoie level 15>>>Free Razonde level15>>>Free Resta level 15>>>1pd Zalure level 15>>>Free Resta level 18>>>Free Zalure level 18>>>1pd Gizonde level 20>>>1pd Foie level 20 (x4)>>>1pd Resta level 20 (x5)>>>1pd Barta level 20 (x4)>>>1pd Shifta level 20>>>1pd Zalure level 20>>>2pd Zonde level 20>>>1pd Megid level 23>>>1pd Grant level 24>>>1pd Resta level 27>>>1pd Zonde level 28>>>1pd Gifoie level 29>>>1pd Rabarta level 29>>>1pd shifta level 29>>>1pd Gibarta level 29>>>1pd Barta level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Resta level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Zonde level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Rabarta level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Deband level 29>>>1pd Zalure level 29>>>1pd Resta level 30 (x3)>>>1pd Jellen level 30>>>2pd Zalure level 30>>>2pd "materials!" Monogrinder(s) x0>>>10;1pd Digrinder(s) x0>>>8;1pd Trigrinder(s) x0>>>6;1pd Def Material(s) 0x>>>10;1pd Mind mats(s) x0>>>5;1pd Evade Mats(s) x0>>>10;1pd Power mats(s) x0>>>5;1pd Luck mat(s) x0>>>1;1pd TP mat(s) x0>>>3;1pd HP mat(s) x0>>>3;1pd (1) Photon Booster>>>25pd Syncesta>>>6pd I shall add lot's more, but in the mean time... This is all i have for now =) What's someone's trash is another man's treasure!
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