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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I've just kind of accumulated a bunch of questions after playing for a couple weeks. I searched on the forums for answers to a couple questions but I didn't find what I was looking for. Of course, I might have just not been searching with the correct key terms. Anyways here are my questions: 1. I was raising a mag and I gave it to my Ranger in order to get Estilla, and then I handed it off to my hunter in order to get Pilla and then later Mylla and Youlla. However, when the mag hit level 35, it didn't switch to the Hunter mag branch and just stayed on the Ranger mag branch. Is there anyway to switch mag branches? Also if I just only cared about the photon blasts it wouldn't be an issue, but of course I want specific stats. 2. I've played through hard mode and I have found no monster parts anywhere. Do I just have bad luck? 3. What exactly is happy hour? I've heard that it's 5x exp and 3x drops, but it seems like exp is always set to 5x. 4. Where do I exchange Photon Drops? I've only ever played offline on the Gamecube so I used to just sell Photon Drops but I'm pretty sure I can do something with them. 5. What are Photon Tickets for? 6. If Pinkal sets up a party, are all the drops for the party set to the Pinkal section ID? Sorry for all the random questions, and if I just need to look harder for answers just let me know! Thank you for your time.
  2. trying to hybridize my force to be able to handle guns, what is the best section id for handguns and mechs guns, please and thanks ^^ and yes i am well aware this isn't the advised way to use a force.
  3. Hey guys so awhile back I made my first character like 4 years ago and quit for awhile but not knowing anything about section IDs he was a viridia I just recently found this was the worse thing EVERRRRR I would love for 1 of your coders or something to make viridia not complete shit. You might think I'm over reacting but how would you feel if you have 60 hours on 1 account and just find out that viridia has no good drops at all, go check the drop charts look for yourself, I'm still I denial , thanks It seems like only redria, greenill, and whitill are th only good Section IDs
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