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  1. Simple 1v1 r6 battle tourney, Rules are simple : This Event will start in 2 Week 31.May so Members have time to sign in ​This will presumably take 2-3 Days until its over /after it started Tournament overview here : http://challonge.com/IlluminatiR6 Each Round of the tournament lasts for 1 Day , if u dont show up you automatically Lose also No Battle = No Prize This rule is effective from 02.06.2014 from 02.06.2014 round 1 participants will lose if they dont come online PRIZES : 1.DF 0/100/0/100/50 redeemed by redeye 2.PsychoRavens 0/0/0/0 redeemed by duja 3.ArrestNeedle 45/0/0/0/50 +10DTs redeemed by under 4.maxWeddingDress redeemed by jonesy 5.TJS redeemed by asciel 6.Excalibur 0/0/30/50/30 +10DTs 7.PoST 8.MotherGarb+ redeemed sammy The 1st-8th place will get to choose what prize they get depending on what the winners above them choose first *cause we have so many Prizes this time, we need to make more battles until all places are set Participation : each member gets 3pds* for participation and takes part in a random Raffle for TJS60hit(Under) and PsychoBridge(Sammy) Event Member List : *registration deadline until 30.May* This Event is only for Member of ILLUMINATI** and thanks a lot to Armando who did support me with many Items for this Event.(1xMotherGarb+ , PsychoRavens , 20DTs , 2xSJS , PsychoBridge) To make things easier for you guys here are peoples names with links to here forum profile so you can pm them: Duja Church Rose Vector Sammy Under9000 Perfivale Judgment Asciel TheHarBringer Vector Bryan Jonesy Assmar/Silv Syker Neudaizstone/cencio *depends on , how many participants we have. Maybe more Pds with less Participants **sry for all other players of Ultima, but ILLUMINATI will make an Puplic Event a.s.a.p. also changes are possible if the partizipation is too low *10 --> (1 week delay and after that maybe puplic) Armando and i will not partizipate ! *The Welcome back we love Armando Raffle List* : Church Duja Xenomaren ElSocko Perfivale Jonesy88 Arashi Fatheruvwar dis astranagant currey26 Izaya schranko
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