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    Purged my banks. please buy this cheap stuff so I can afford my next semester at clown college. Makeup is expensive thnaks.
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    Happy birthday to you and your dads.
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    IT IS DONE! The ashes of the vicious despot DragonLord now rest at my feet! All of Alefgard is restored and once again, light returns to the benighted, ancient land of the scions of Erdrick. What a great real-time RPG/Minecraft clone, such a great game... I had alot of fun rebuilding the various towns of Alefgard and especially Tantegel castle, seeing the classic DQ monsters in real-time instead of a static image of the classic DQ RPGs was cathartic. I finally beat Dragon Quest Builders over the Memorial Day weekend, it was a long row to hoe but it seemed so short now Iooking back after finishing it. (especially considering how long some of the newer Dragon Quests are haha, I'm looking at you Dragon Quest 11) Now with that done, I can focus on the release of PSO2, YAY. I really really really hope I'm not going to be disappointed with PSO2... Even if it isn't anything like PSOBB.(on the Ultima server) I really enjoyed Dragon Quest Heroes so I'm hoping this is closer to what PSO2 is like. Cheers my fellow Ultimites, hope to see you there this week with the rest of the ARKS. -Tri
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    Those who are interested in the original Phantasy Star game might like this
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    gettin SWOL and THICC rn drinkin brotein shakes all day you clowns HMU if you wanna do some squats @jezbuz @Yannv @C01D1 @Gui
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    quero compra uma shichinito uma red odoshi nibaru hp material power material e luck material
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