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Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst server since 2008

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Welcome to ultima

Welcome to the Ultima - Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst private Server , where you can enjoy playing this wonderful nostalgic game made by SEGA. Playing on ultima is totally free thanks to a motivated staff and a great community who make this possible.

Join in

Get ready to rediscover this marvelous game and join in today. Follow the simple steps on the registration page to create an account and download the game installer on our download page. If you would have any trouble during the registration/installation process, don't hesitate to take contact with the staff on the forum.

What makes ultima so great?


  • Characters never get deleted from our server
  • Lots of GM support
  • Large friendly player pool
  • Mixed language community
  • Active forum

Unique features

  • Contains unique added items
  • Satisfying donation system for items
  • Many scheduled special events
  • Character change panel
  • Over 200 quests
  • Crack mode for the expert players


  • Increased exp gaining rate (3x up to Lv 160 & 2x up to Lv 200)
  • Increased rare monster appearance rates
  • Buffed monsters in ultimate
  • Complete challenge and battle mode

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Server Status

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