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Guess whos back. Back in black MEEEEE anyway why im posting is maybe something could be changed and i have some good reasons i think so o.o anyway i was kinda upset when lk lost combo i was all like noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo then rage flipped my desk but then at that moment a thought came to my head and i was like WAAAIIIIT since last swan has combo randomly should master raven to? i mean it makes sense that hunts should get a semi good range weapon im not asking for something like the lk that was fun and all but overpowered in general xD but maybe we can give master raven combo so hunters can have something semi good to depend on for those boss fights with range like barba ray olga flow a lot of the bosses in ep 1 and 4 from the couples days i have been back i havent seen much hunters and it makes me sad i was all like Q~Q and stuff but yea this is just something to think about PEACE OUT!!!!

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Omg, best idea ever!

No but seriously, what's the point in removing a combo on an OP weapon to add it to another? The master raven has way more ATP than the last swan and male races already have more ATP in general. If we would let it combo, it should get nerfed by lowering its ATP, ATA and/or droprate.

Rangers have gotten l&k replacements with special yasminkovs, but it does nothing to help forces and hunters.

First of all the yasminkovs were obtainable during a very limited amount of time ( 2 day event + PD cost) while the MR is one of the easiest drops in the game + by unlocking the MR you would also benefit rangers again, so it would not rebalance the classes.

I know I'm ruining the fun in this topic, but changes like theses affect the whole server and make the game less of a challenge. Items that should be rebalanced are the Dark Weapons. The DM for instance, but that's another story. If people really want the MR to get a combo unlock, someone should make a concrete rebalanced concept of the gun. (I'm talking about specific stats, drop/droprate, which class can use it, etc. ). Luckily the special on it already sucks.

Btw, welcome back Shade, hope we can do some hunts again. :onion120:

Just stated my opinion, I force no one to agree with me and the descision is not in my hands.

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ok then nerf it to was lk was the only reason why lk was sooooo strong was of how many times it is master raven is just like mech gun so if you nerf it to the atp of lk then everything should be fine cause lets be honest im sure a lot of people want to solo with there awesome hunter and not with there lame ass rangers. rangers are soooooooooooooo first year of pso hunter are the new thing

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