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Problem! White Box instead of title screen.

Vasi Dean

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when i start the game the title screen is shown as a huge white box instead of letters and the menu is the same but when i press enter the registering menu pops up so i can enter the game. after that the game doesn't present no sort of graphical problems or glitches, this problem only appears at the title screen. So i was wandering does anyone know a way to fix this. It doesn't affect the gameplay for me it just that it bugs me whenever i see it when i start the game because it sticks out.]

System Specifications:

Intel Pentium 4 2.80 ghz

2 gb ram

nvidia geforce fx 5500 256 mb ram (latest drivers)

200 mb hdd sata

windows XP pro

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you need to get the low resolution title screen, the resolution is to hight for your video card.

the current link for the low resolution title screen is in megaupload. let me contact some one who have it , so it can be re upload somewhere else.

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