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Phantasy Star Online 2 - WiiU

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Ok i was on youtube and i found a video about PSO2 on the new WiiU here is a link of where the dude got his info : http://ca.kotaku.com...reams/gallery/1


i think this is fake cus.

1.the top pic has a PSO1 HUD but you can go watch videos of alpha for pso2 and see the HUD is so much more sexy then the top pic

2. the bottom pic shows PSU HUD and weaponHUD

3. the top pic is one of the 1st pic showen of pso2 about a year ago

anyway all you trolls what do you think

would you buy a WiiU and PSO2 for it, do think its a lie or not.

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They specifically said ther are no actual character levels, so that whole 52 / 55 / 50 /50 is made up

just tryin to say seeing the 2 pics without going to the site. would someone think its real

i know if pso2 comes out on the WiiU im willing to put 200$ and 60$ for the game and system

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If you look at the pic in the middle, you can see my character running in the far right... cant belive you got a screen shot of me playing! but, yeah, its fake cuz i remember playing on the PC when they took those screens of me in action. ;)

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the vita one.... is real and according to sakai a port that should be able to link to the PC's

of course as always I back up my statements with some proof so read over here


a trusty blog. it also keeps PSO2 events on track

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