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Saith's been really helpful in my quest to get back into the game. I've been taking baby steps ever since the first day and I've been hard at work trying to piece together my good and bad memories of this game. I took this shot the other day of my first time seeing Rico after a Falz fight.


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Was unable to find any CO but found this after HH ended



(gave up that hunt after 4041 Gi Gue killed in PW quests and more in PPP/LHB/Max S)

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somedays i cant look at myself in the mirror, but today..... i still cant look at myself in the mirror.

but at least i found a 35 hit edgy bro 




Who wants it? im sticking my head in the magical rotation toaster tomorrow :(


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Running for UR with SelahIsASpot, found some goodies :


Also, I love Silence Claw, so if you get one with excellent stats, am willing to take if off your hand for a few PDs =D


The demon's arms 50 hit is for sell, because I am no ranger è_é

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Hunewearl four stats maxed...


To have five stats maxed, almost six :

:arm: Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidu (for the attack speed)
:shi: Red Ring
:uni: ADEPT x3
:uni: Centurion/Ability x1
:mag: MAG 200 Power

21 power materials
5 luck materials
46 def materials
58 evade materials
20 mind materials

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