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Blades of Orac Retiring Ultima


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We've been talking about this for roughly a month ago. We decided for many reasons to move on. I will try not to be very critical as I am not intending to make the server look bad.l Although I would love to see improvements for the server.

About 30 % of us decided to move our team back to the schthack server. I will post a few reasons why below:

1. We wanted a stable server. There has a lot less crashes there. which makes the certainty of game play more frequent

2.We as a team felt we were not wanted in the community so,we decided to move to a place where we would have a little more respect in the hard work we put into the server

3.Challenge mode :) This feature helps out in getting s-ranks and is so nice to have. Having to donate is sorta rediculous

4.Monster stats in episode 1 and 2 are up to que:

In Ultima the evasion rates in episode 1 and 2 are at least 25% higher that it should be. In ending result you are forced to get items with hit. And not mention for most weapons it has to be over 60% to be effective. Here is an example: When killing tying to kill gal grifen with a 35 hit Cannon rouge chances of hitting with hard attack lacks to about 10- 20% (even at 200). Come on this so unacceptable. In scthack you can hit very nicely. I do recommend that the dev team fixes this.

5. And lasty: Please don't take this into too much offense. Just think of the possibility behind this. There are so many hackers in this server that are not being investigated. A lot of people claim they don't do it. And we as a team want a clean and strong highly secured server. With all the events that happened in the past month clearly you can't declare that this server is a hack free server.

We intend to hang out in the server from time to time, but as a team we feel not to commit fully to it. We also are not trying to adversitise any other server. We just wanted to let you know what happened to us and how we feel about the team.

As for the competition of a teams I wish you guys great luck. Dizz keep growing with Chaos Knights, Always challenge yourself to make your team better, and put them first before you :). Link Level up man and support your team play with the more often. the will love you for it more. ALso listen to what they say in how you lead it. You will go far with that. Green, You have promise in your growth of your team. Teach them well in tactics. And lastly, Shade, My fellow allied member even in Schthack server. keep what you want with Revolution X. As I am a casual member to your team. It's always a pleasure playing with ya. To the whole server, have fun ok :)

In closing I would like to say That the server did serve the team well. We established great friendships and much more. I cherish the good times in the whole year we served. So Larva I solute your hard work.

Take care ultima. I will come on from time to time


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