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I prefer to not have icons on my desktop's wallpaper, and I would have posted mine.

But my laptop died on me, and I'm using my "experimental" Linux computer to get online & stuff.

I haven't figured out how to screencap on Linux yet.

Anyway... Just google the Mac OSX Wallpaper. That's the one I have on my Linux computer now.

BTW, Thatguy... I want your wallpaper image. Without the extra stuff on it.

Copy image location.

Go to Tineye.com.

Search image location with copied information.

Find picture: http://i.imgur.com/Uo4Uf.jpg


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Ash like Snow is in the wallpaper so its most likely from


It's quite breathtaking.

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Well i just made this because im bored so post your desktop background if you are bored.. XD

Here is mine at the moment i had to block some stuff out. of mine.


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