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? item has glitched all items in common Help

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As stated in my Common bank a ??? item appeared and then my items multiplied such as monofluids up to 26k and a few rares were like *20 and *19 lol. I dont have anything valueable i dont think so could you may just wipe it clean? My game ID is Lavis with characters being lavis and ^Sonic^. I dont know what info to give to be helped. but let me know what else if needed and how to get that information :). Hope its fixed soon.. also why do these ??? items show up anyways?

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ok first thing theres a topic above on how you can request a rollback. cause i thik there is needed a rollback or just a wipe of the entire bank as you stated.

second if you need a rollback youll need some photos of your bank how to do this well

just press the button thats named imp pnt then you upload them on photobucket or other image hosting.

second youll need your guildcard and the slot where is your char

guildcard you can see it on your chat log or even ingame

the slot its the place your character is





here xx will be the slot 3 the xxx its the slot 2 and xxxx slot 1

thats all you need to wipe all your bank ad for rollback well youll need at least two pictures :D hope i been of help

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ok well i can take a very quick pic of what my common bank looks like but in 1 sec it will crash. so once the server is up if in time before i work i will do that. I wont be able to take a pic of the ??? as it is at the bottom and i cant scroll down as game crashes. I will get the pics soon enough

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