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What's Your Favorite Weapon?

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Heyo. Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the weekend. I thought it'd be a fun thread to hear everyone's favorite weapons. You can list off your favorite weapon overall, or list your favorite in each category. Here's mine:


Sword: Dark Flow


Mechs: Yasminkov 9000


Saber: Delsaber's Buster

Dual Swords:   Musashi

Dagger:  Bloody Tornado

Handgun: Varista

Launcher: Baranz Launcher

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2 minutes ago, ZenReborn said:

For fun? I like a Flowen's Sword with Charge added. That's always a good time.


If I'm actually trying to kill something, probably Psycho Ravens.

He just means your overall favorite weapon(s). Everything down to the aesthetics. Cause if anything like performance mattered, I'd be SOL with LS lol

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5 minutes ago, ZenReborn said:

Aesthetics? Yamigarasu all day. Shame that it actively hurts you to use it.

It's very Irrelevant damage, though. Just like Gael Giel, and only hurts If equipped >.>


[not something like berserk special or Soul Banish's/Girasole/Lavis weaps. special's hp consumption :rf-13:]

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Iron Faust and Dark flow (Specifically their combo unlocked versions)

Pyscho Raven

Le Cogneur (classic for a hell laser)


Mag: Gael Giel (style of utility imo)


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Design-wise I'd go with Asteron Belt and the Red Series. Fun-wise I'd go with Excalibur and P. Wand if we're talking about Vanilla and DF if Ultima. I like the design of PW a lot too tho.

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