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2 hours ago, jdhenry124 said:

It's not possible to make these due to the evolution requirements of the mags

But if NYC this year change mag evolution they would be possible , just a lot of work 

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13 hours ago, Hazuki-San said:

TypeRI/Rifle (Zalure)


TypeSH/Shot (Zalure)

These two are also not possible to create.

The Zalure special Is only available to the S-Rank weapons, In which you either do challenge mode or redeem 3 nakas card for one S-Rank weapon with a special (and additionally, a Christmas Present If you wish to put an 8-digit name on It) :onion-head71:

13 hours ago, Hazuki-San said:

Frosty Icicle Shooter

Also, this Is not available:rf-08:

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14 hours ago, Hazuki-San said:

Centurion/Mind X4


Luminous Field (mid/high)

Electro Frame (mid/high)

Smoking Plate (mid/high)


Bringers Rifle

Red Handgun

Charge Vulcans

These are the things I can offer from your post :onion-head16:


Centurion/Mind X4 5PDs each


Luminous Field [DEF: 45/EVP: 11] 4PDs

Electro Frame [DEF: 37/EVP: 15] 4PDs

Smoking Plate [DEF: 49/EVP: 13] 5PDs


Bringer's Rifle [0/0/0/0|50] 15PDs

Red Handgun [0/0/0/0|20] [Untekked] 5PDs

Charge Vulcan [0/20/0/0|35] [Charge] [Untekked]; Vulcan +6 [0/0/35/0|45] [Charge] 8PDs for any of the 2 options.



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Arrest Needle +60 [35/0/30/40|0]

Steller shards ( for neutron skin etc )

Serene swan   45hit

pm me pls , i will forget to check this

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