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I would like your opinion on force play

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OK I have a 100 plus level fonewm with some 30 and high 20 level techs the only decent gear i have is holy ray what are some good gear for forces I normally don't even use weapons because of the increased cast rate you get from not using a weapon. can you give me some tips for playing with a fonewm 

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Here's what I use:



  • Slicer of Fanatic 
  • Samba's Fiesta 
  • Sacred Bow 
  • Bringer's Rifle +9 
  • Psycho Wand 
  • Mercurius Rod 
  • Lindcray 
  • Quasar Staff 
  • Banana Cannon +50 
  • Glide Divine 
  • Glide Divine v.00 
  • Rico's Parasol 



  • Samurai Armor 



  • Alis' Resolve 
  • Hylian Shield 



  • Centurion/Battle
  • V502
  • Smartlink
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