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Official Lobby Musics Requests 2020


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Fed up with hearing the same AnNoYiNg songs everytime you log into the game?

Wish there were more cool musics available when you take a break in the lobby?

Got brainwashed by chickens, kitties, larvae or the lack of pants?


Then this is your chance to add something you like!

This will take place in 1-week long phases.



:gem2: Phase 1: Musics submissions

Everyone is allowed to post up to 2 musics in this topic.
Please avoid troll songs if possible, remember those shall be permanent lobby themes so even if they might be funny to listen to for a couple times, it's not funny to have it all day long.
Feel free to edit your post until Phase 2 if you change your mind or want to add another submission.

Date: September, 20th of 2020



:gem3: Phase 2: Musics votes

I will make a poll with all the suggested musics in which everyone can vote for up to 5 musics.
Let's be fair, try to listen a bit to all of them and pick the ones you really prefer, and not just vote for friends' submissions.
Don't use multiple accounts, I will see it.

Date: September, 27th of 2020


:gem1: Phase 3: Results

The poll is closed.
At least the top 5 musics will be added to lobby musics.
There might be more than 5, depending on the number of votes and submissions.
Game Masters may enable them any time and so do players with /lobbyevent #.

Date: October, 4th of 2020


No drama please, or I might come to your house and eat you.


May Phase 1 begin now! :gem2:

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Just copying from the other thread



Persona 5: Beneath the Mask, Rain

Steins;Gate: Gate of Steiner


Persona 3's version of The Poem for Everyone's Souls

Final Fantasy 9: Rose of May, Loss of Me

Piano Version

Dj-Nate The Beginning of Time

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