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i cant get my ps4 controller to work

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i have tryed everything to get my ps4 controller to work on this game and still nothing it will not work i got DS4windows and all my driver are up to date the controller works fine out side the game but it will not let me change the inputs or anything in game can someone plz plz help?

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For me, I need to have DS4 running before I run the launcher. If your controller isn't on and connected before PSOBB is open, it will never recognize it.

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I don't think the game will recognize the PS4 controller without an app?
Tbh I haven't tried as I have always used DS4Windows... if DS4W recognizes your controller, then it should work... for the record I do not hide the DS4 Controller (settings of the app)

I'm using the version from here https://ryochan7.github.io/ds4windows-site/

Another thing, given that I removed the need for admin rights to run the game, you shouldn't need to run the other apps (DS4W in this case) as admin, unless that tool requires it itself.

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