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Launcher/Antivirus Issues

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Ive been having issues with the launcher lately since the recent update....any help on this is greatly appreciated but here is my issue (NOTE: IM USING WINDOWS 10)

Frequently my antivirus keeps flagging PSO even though I white list it. When this occurs it seems like the antivirus is registering it as something different each time it gets flagged (different trojan name). Additionally my launcher Icon keeps, getting "changed or moved" even though I do nothing with the game besides play it... this causes me to have to re install the launcher each time unless there is an easier fix...lol

Im not sure if this has any influence but the only add-on that I have for the game is the reader application

Ive gone to such lengths as completely wiping the game and reinstalling it, and re-white list the game yet it STILL gets popped by my antivirus and the launcher icon derps...this also happens once or twice a week easily. 

Any help or fix on this would be awesome as this is a rather frustrating experience. Thank you in advance for the assistance

Happy Hunting! :D


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What's up? What you are going to do is delete the entire pso folder, then you will have to download and reinstall the game but with your antivirus disabled. After the game is installed you will proceed to enter the configuration of your antivirus (which in this case is windows10 defender) and you will go to the exclusions section. Where there you will put as an exclusion to the pso folder. Then you will put as exclusions the following executables in the folder of pso "Launcher and psobb.exe". After having done this you will write the following in the windows search Bar "allow an app through windows firewall" you will change the configuration, then you will click to allow another application and there you will look for the executables of pso, that will be two, the launcher and psobb.exe, After doing this, it will activate your antivirus again. And everything will be fine :)make sure that before activating your antivirus again, the full pso folder and the pso launcher executables are in the exclusions of your antivirus !! because windows 10 detects the launcher as a virus, but it is not. So don't worry :)

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I must have done something wrong here because now im in worse shape than before...I get close to an NPC or go through a doorway in game and my game crashes. I re-installed the readers and for whatever reason the item reader wont work.




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