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A> Rambling May 50% hit(Closed)


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AUCTION : thank you every one that took part in my auction  hopfully that will be the first of many

 Item:    Rambling May 0/40/0/35|50

Start time : March 13  8:30 pm eastern (now)

End time: March 14  8:30 pm eastern

PD/DT rate : 8:1     (I buy Dts at that rate , I feel your pain)

Not really looking for any items just PD/DT

Winner  Janen 25dt 

Current Highest bid:   Janenba 25dt

Any bids made in the last 15 min of Auction will activate an Extra 10min to the auction, this will allow me to message the previous Bid holder and allow him/her the extra time to re-bid

I posted this item in my shop a bunch of people all messaged me literally in the same min. (mostly friends) Figured this way be the best way so every one*May* get a fair *shoot*

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6 minutes ago, Champione said:

offer 80 hit sh/shot demon

thats a very strong offer and i do thank you, I'm going to have to pass even tho that obv worth more than current bid, any way you can make a pd/dt offer?

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