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character Character reset to lvl 1

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Guildcard: 42099830

Character: slot 1

Date: : between 9/10/2014 and 10/28/2014


Hi, my name in game is Famine and here's my problem. About 2 years ago my main character "Death" who id finally got to 200 got rebooted to lvl 1. I did address the problem but nothing could be done at the time. so I moved on, created a new character and shortly after stopped playing altogether. Now I'm back (can't really get away from this game now) and I'd like for my efforts to not go to waste is there a way to retrograde my character before the glitch happened. PS: Haven't played with that character ever since as to not pile up hours.

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From my own chatlogs, in 9/10/2014 you were still playing on Death, but by 10/28/2014 something had happened to it (20:46:04    42099830    FAMINE     exept death gone tho). My logs between those two dates are very sparse though, so I can't really narrow it down too much further.

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