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Price Guide for Materials?


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So, perhaps it's my lack of forums surfing, but I have not been able to find a very solid price checking location for materials. Perhaps we can come together and do some checks/ balances on all the materials below and put a price together? I am seeing quite a bit of wavering in prices in the trading area of the forums and obviously there is a difference in prices, especially like Mind vs. Luck.

Can we put a community price check on:







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most materials (hp/pow/mind/def/evade) are generally 5:1 without rare monsters and 10:1 with rare monsters, sometimes the def/evade and occasionally mind are sold like this regardless due to low demand. Luck materials are worth more, they used to be 5 pds for each (I don't go below 3 at best), but some people have been selling them cheaper lately. It takes a lot to hunt luck mats though, you can maybe average 17-22 in a good hh worth of hunting (source: hunting several hundred for my own chars using a force to spawnkill every enemy as fast as possible).

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Mind: between 1:5 and 1:10, respectively with no green names and green names

Power: 1:5 and 1:10, respectively with no green names and green names

Luck: I agree with Fyrewolf5. But usually you'll see people selling 1 for 2 pds and people trying to buy 1 for 1 pd.

HP: 1:5 and 1:10, respectively with no green names and green names

Def: basically worthless

Evade: basically worthless

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Rare monsters off >

HP - 5:1 pd

Power - 5:1 pd

Mind - 5:1 pd but some sell 10:1 since demand is not high

Luck - 1:2 pd (I've personally never seen it going for more than 3 pd, and some people complain when I ask 2 pd per Luck material)

Def - 10:1 pd at least (some give them for free)

Evade - 10:1 pd at least (some give them for free)

How about TP ?

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The thing about TP mats is that it's nearly impossible to find anyone selling them. I'd love to buy them for 2 photon drops each but they almost don't exist. There is basically no supply.

On the other hand, there is also not much demand for them. Of course, everyone would like to have 125 TP mats but it's a minor upgrade overall so people don't want to spend a lot for them.

I would guess that maybe one TP mat is worth like 3 pds, but I could be off. This reminds me of Ignition Cloak. There is basically no supply or demand for it, so it's kinda hard to figure out a good price.

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There's a secret room in Forest Offensive? Where? I've ran it a billionty seven times and never seen it :P

Do the quest on ultimate, after defeating dragon go back to Forest 2, press the switch in first room to elevate a bridge, a computer will allow you to warp in Spaceship.

If you die it's over, if you survive another computer will either give you a reward or make you crash (if not P1 I believe).

About the TP, I think this is priceless.

As Midori stated, it's pretty much useless but nobody farm for this.

(250 PD for 250 extra TP while Trifluids are free ... what a waste)

I wonder how much would have Monogrinders gone for if it happened to have a 1/100'000 drop rate.

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It's very hard to put a price on tp mats. Almost nobody ever gets tp mats, let alone sells them; they are definitely harder to get than luck mats, although much less useful. I've only seen them try to be sold twice; once was definitely hacked and the other I'm pretty sure was also hacked, somebody actually getting 125 tp mats should send up red flags for anyone lol. The are supposedly 3 ways to get tp mats, though I've only actually obtained them from two of the options and the third never gave me any. Forest Offensive secret room doesn't take a long time, but it's difficult, you can't die, and only the red arrow player can get the reward, which could also be useless friend ring or solferino. Rappy's Holiday switch game I was not able to confirm, but even if it did work it would still be the worst method. Phantasmal World lucky coins in gallon's roulette is the best bet, which is still maybe only 10% chance in the roulette per coin, but you can get up to 4 coins for each player for a 4p pw quest in ultimate (ult 1Coin x number of players, per player, normal-vhard 1 coin per player); I've think I have around 60ish tp mats from gallon's roulette from doing lots of pw3 and pw4, but it's still pretty difficult and time consuming. Some other people may have some laying around too (or at least coins on their chars), especially people who hunted psycho black crystal in summer or sue's coat in easter. Beak's Cafe game I have not been able to get tp mats from, nor have I ever heard tell of it; I've gotten every other kind of mat from it including luck but no tp mats. They could be argued to be same value as luck mats at 3-5 each due to being harder to obtain but less useful. But still, it is very, very difficult to put a price on it.

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