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A late intro


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Hey folks. Started playing here a few weeks ago and thought I should finally poke my head out and say 'hello'.

First played pso back in the gamecube days and got completely absorbed in it. Met some cool people along the way, but sadly lost touch over the years. Still got a few terrible quality group pics though I unfortunately can't remember some of the names to go along with the faces.



Gave EPIII a spin for a while. Was fun for a time, even though it didn't quite get a lot of attention overall. Had some great music that - once I stop being lazy and figure out how to loop it properly - I'd like to use ingame.


Next up was psobb when it officially launched. Didn't play there too long for various reasons but it was fun all the same. Going through EPIV for the first time was quite something.

To keep from writing a novel, let's just say I've been on and off the PS series for the last decade-ish. PSU was hot for a while and I was able to hop on for one last hurrah before the server went down for good.


Some years went by. Decided to try psobb again so I hit up schtserv for a bit. Didn't stay too long however since it was right before PSO2 came out. Went with that for about a year (I think) before ultimately deciding it wasn't quite what I wanted.


And that brings me back to the present. A friend had the urge to play BB again so I decided why the hell not. So far it's been pretty good and easy to pick back up; even starting from scratch, thanks to the increased gains (from exp and item drops) and the basic game sense from years of playing. I mostly run solo or with aforementioned friend, but this seems like a nice community so I should probably try branching out at least a bit.

Sorry it's kinda lengthy. Haven't really discussed anything pso related for a long time so I can get a tad carried away. :onion86:

Thanks for reading. See you ingame. (lobby 10 usually)

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