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Manga of the Day, 06-01-2015


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Shokugeki no Soma

Genre: Cooking; Competition; Comedy; light amount of fan service/ecchi.

Rating: Teen (some risque situations + partial nudity)

Akira's thoughts: This one actually already has it's own anime, but I still think it deserves an honorable mention.


Yukihira Souma is a boy who works in a restaurant with his father. His father goes on a business trip around the world and, as a rite of passage for his son, challenges his son to graduate from a cooking school called Tōtsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy (or Tōtsuki Culinary Academy in short). Not knowing what to expect, but eager to prove himself to his father -and to surpass him- Souma sets off towards Tōtsuki.

This school is not a regular one, only 10% of the students who enroll actually graduate. Here, cooking is life itself, and the students regularly hold cook-offs in order to settle disputes and determine who the best cooks are, with each cook risking something equally valuable to them if they should lose.

Notes: I particularly liked this manga because it actually has some of the recipes for some of the foods that are cooked in the competitions (it also has some good humor mixed in). I actually hate cooking, but this manga made me want to whip out the cooking instruments and put together one of their mouth-watering featured meals. For that, this manga deserves an honorable mention! :onion-head11:

>>Click here to start reading<<

(Note: The second image is honey covering them :) Let that pique your interest ;) )



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