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Manga of the Day, 03-21-2015


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Red Blood, Red Legacy

(Aka Akatoretachi no Monogatari)

Akira's Notes: This one is a tale of action and revenge! (won't spoil it for you ) I started reading this one today, and I'm already hooked. It's a bit Ecchi, but that's not all this is about, so don't get too hot and bothered. ;) (That also means this isn't for young kids/kids not yet in high school) The description below actually happens slightly farther (not much) into the story than the beginning, but gives you a better sense of where the story is going than the original description does, IMO. (If you feel I spoiled too much or did a bad job with the description, send me a pm of how I could improve)

The story takes place in a remote village, untouched by civilization or modern technology. It is a world where vampire beasts exist, though in this village, no-one is said to have seen a true humanoid-type vampire.

It is the day before the village festival where boys and girls become men and women :onion05:, and Itsuki and Hayato are looking forward to it :onion-head67:. ( I want in! :onion89:)

Itsuki, wanting get his girlfriend Wakana a gift for the ceremony, secretly enters the Forbidden Zone with his brother Hayato to get her her favorite flower, which is said to only bloom on the other side (because why make things easy, right? :rolleyes:). As they return to the village, looking forward to tomorrow's festival, there are omens that things are not destined to go quite as joyful as they hoped.....

(Akira's description & commentary)

Cover image in spoiler.


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