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[PSO Party Mod v .9]

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Hiya guys!

To celebrate the move from Scht to here <3 I've created a retexture pack comprised of a little bit of a lot of stuff. It's got stuff from the PSO2 mod, other peoples mods, and stuff I've created from scratch. It's meant to freshen PSO up a lil bit!

It took me about 20hrs of work to learn how to do it and then finish, hope you like it!

There's too much to list so....

-Sunset Loading Screen
-Smooth City
-Different NPCs
-Custom HUD
-Custom Font
-HD Forest
-HD Rappy
-Molten Metal Moss Cave 1
-Brick Mines
-Grape Ruins



Instructions 4 dummies
Step 1: Open in Winrar
Step 2: Drag /data/ to your /data

Step 3: Hit YES to overwrite everything

Version: .9
I believe everything is done except for the following stuff:
-Caves 2 & 3 Reskin
-Derole Reskin

-Monster Reskins
-Ruins 2 & 3 Reskin

-Vol Opt Reskin

-Falz Reskin
-NPC Reskins (Part 2)
-City Reskin (Part 2)
-Ultimate Mode Reskins
-Prolly More Stuff

-The stupid Cyan lines on the HUD wont go away, and NOONE Else's mod has been able to banish them. If anyone has any info on how2fix, please let me know.

-Positioning may be off on team member hud color orb till I can find a P2 to test for me.

Moar Bugs? Suggestions? Email me!


I am tired, and it's 5am, so that's all for now ~_~ :3

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but Yeah thanks!

I found some bugs with the other players HP bars today... I'll fix em.. someday @_@

Aight,. Thanks and let me know when its fixed.
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It's not an enormous bug. It's just like, the HP bars are like 6px north of where they're supposed to be. xD

Found another bug with the Dragon's fire holes... (they're black!)


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