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Cant pick item up

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It's not a huge issue at all, but we were playing last night and an item bugged and no one could pick it up. It was a really common item, just like a normal rod or something of the sort. Just wanted to throw that up there, since I didn't see it anywhere.

We had a bank crashing issue as well, when depositing meseta. I'm not sure his guildcard # though. I might be able to get that sometime later. :3

Thanks for this server! We're having fun so far!

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When there are ghost items like that rod, there is a desync issue. You should all leave the game and remake to prevent corruption

I think lag causes this but I'm not sure

The ghost glitch and others are described herehttp://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/5355-read-this-first-frequent-bugs/

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